September 2016 specials by Kriti Film Club and Kriti team | 04.09.16 and 21.09.16

Kriti Film Club
in association with the 
National Alliance Group for Denotified and Nomadic Tribes (NAG-DNT) 
& Habitat World invites you for

 A Tribute to Amma (late Mahasweta Devi)

with two films and discussion with Dakxin Bajrange and Prashant Rakshit, a close associate of Mahasweta Devi.

4th September, 7 PM onwards,
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi

Directed by Italo Spinelli(English/ 2011/ 83 mins/India, Italy)
Cast: Seema Rahmani, Samrat Chakrabarti, Priyanka Bose, Adil Hussain & Tillotoma Shome

About the film: Gangor is an Indo-Italian project, which is based on the poignant short story 'Choli Ke Peeche' by Magsasay Award and Padma Vibushan Award winning writer Mahasweta Devi. It was screened at Cannes in 2011. The film unravels with migrant labourer Gangor's statuesque breasts that excite the attention of ace photographer Upin Puri, and become the objects of obsession and oppression triggering off a train of violence that ends in tragedy. Upin, a photo journalist, is sent to Purulia to cover a story on the exploitation of tribals. 

About the film maker: talo Spinelli has directed films and plays and made numerous television programs. He is the Founder and Director of Asiatica Film Mediale Incontri Con Il Cinema Asiatico, a festival of Asian films held every year in Rome since 2000, and is currently the advisor on Asian cinema for the Rome Film Festival. Italo Spinelli teaches cinema and theatre at the University of Siena. In 2002 he edited a book entitled Indian Summer: Films, Filmmakers and Stars between Ray and Bollywood, for the Locarno Film Festival. He is also the author of several essays on Indian cinema and literature. In 2005 he programmed a retrospective of Indian films called 'Indian Visions' at the Scuderie del Quirinale in Rome. Some of his films are Danzando in Cambogia in 1998, Corsica in 1992 and Roma – Paris – Barcelona in 1999.

Birth 1871
Directed by Dakxin Chara
(English/ 2014/ 64 mins.)

About the film: The film explores processes of ‘criminalization' in the context of the Denotified Tribes of India, and how they combat social stigma through Theatre arts. The experiences of enforced state rehabilitation, ‘settlement', and community assertion in two transitional periods (1946-1953 & 1978-2000s) also come under the ambit of the documentary.

About the film maker: Dakxinkumar Bajrange is an award winning filmmaker, playwright, director and an activist from the Chhara De-notified Tribes of Ahmedabad in the western part of India. He is a recipient of Ford Foundation International Fellowship (2010-11) for a Masters Degree in Theatre and Global Development at the University of Leeds, England. He is also a recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Arts Fellowship (2004-05) and Bhasha Fellowship (2002-03) to study art forms of nomadic and de-notified communities in Gujarat. Currently, he works at Budhan Theatre as a director, which is a community theatre group of the Chhara de-notified tribe of Gujarat.

Save the Date and Come Participate with your Peace expression/s

International Peace Day
21st September, 7 pm,
Amaltas, India Habitat Centre,
Lodhi Road, New Delhi
11th Annual Peace Day Festival: Interpretations of Peace and Conflict An eclectic evening featuring multi-media articulations of peace. Film, Poetry, Performance, Discussion and Music.

Inviting you to share the stage with a peace expression in any format. Please send details on space.kriti@gmail.comby 5 September so we can confirm a slot in the final programme. 

Note: These are open for all non-funded events! Donations welcome.
Nearest Metro stations to venue: Jor Bagh, JLN Stadium and Khan Market

For any further details please contact us on 011-26027845

Musical Documentaries - 4 August 2016/ Kriti Film Club specials@IHC

Kriti Film Club marks August 2016
with two musical documentaries that symbolise freedom, faith and timelessless while celebrating the power of music and the human spirit, in these troubled times.

Song Of The 'Other' Firefly
by Abhijeet Bhatt, Abhishek Dutta, Meghna Talwar, Nagma Sahi Ansari and Umang Sabarwal

A film tracing the travels of ‘Jugni’, a feminine spirit often found in Punjabi folk music and Sufism. Jugni is timeless and does not succumb to one identity or take on a tangible form. The film attempts to capture the transitory nature of Jugni, vis-a-vis , the changing nature of our times.


A Bohemian Musician 
(Hindi/English/2015/12mins). Dir. Rochak Sahu. 

A student film on the life story of Keshav Lal who collaborated with the likes of Laxmikant Pyarelal and V. Shantaram. Fate brought Keshav Lal and his wife to the streets of Pune where they played music for a living.

The screenings are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.

Thanks to India Habitat Centre for the collaboration to make these screenings possible!
Open for All

011-26027845/ 26033088

Taan Bekro - a Kriti Film Club special screening @IHC/ 9 July 2016

Kriti Film Club marks the monsoons with music from the sands of Rajasthan, discovering, celebrating and supporting the cultural heritage of a nomadic tribe of the region. 

by Saumya Sharma 

64 mins/ Hindi & Marwari with English subtitles/ 2014

7 pm,

9 July 2016

Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi

The film will be followed by a discussion with the film maker!

About the Film: A poetic journey of the rendezvous with the nomadic tribe of Rajasthan, commonly known as the Saperas (Snake Charmers) or Kalbeliyas, in a quest to discover their cultural heritage and lifestyle. The film encompasses the vast and beautiful Indian desert into the various ethnic harmonies. This documentary attempts to showcase the problematic isolated lifestyle of this tribe struggling for their existence and social recognition.

About the Film maker: Saumya Sharma is an independent documentary/ethnographic filmmaker & creative writer. Her other works include ‘Mrigtrishna’ on the complex of Nature, Art, Religion & Commercialization; ‘Zardozi - The Golden Thread’ on Zardozi embroidery and ‘Phor Thud – The Platoon’ on an Indian Army Platoon. She is currently working on an ethnographic film titled ‘YaYa’ on the Gond Tribes.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as an access space for documentary films.

Thanks to Habitat Programmes at India Habitat Centre for their collaboration to make this screening possible.

Open for All.

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A Better Place - India Premier by Kriti Film Club (10 June 2016, India Habitat Centre, NewDelhi)

The Environment Day month activities by the Kriti team continue as the 
Kriti Film Club presents the India Premiere of a documentary film from Trinidad and Tobago. 

With music as the curatorial thread of screenings this year, The Better Place by Sustain T&T is a must watch for those who believe in acting beyond thinking and celebrating music and culture to tell positive stories of environmental change.

A Better Place
(English/ 60 mins)
Directed by Miquel Galofré
2015 | Trinidad & Tobago
a film project by Sustain T&T
in collaboration with T&T Rocks

10 June 2016
7 pm
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

The film will be followed by a discussion.

About the Film: A Better Place tells the story of five community- based organizations through the work that they do and how their experiences in diverse communities and areas impacts their view of the world.

Infused with local music, stunning visuals complement stories of hope, resilience and survival. The film also features musical performances from home- grown talent.

The film takes the viewer to five communities in Trinidad & Tobago where people are doing great things, charting their own course and inspiring others to do the same. Each of the featured organizations are also supported by UNDP GEF SGP. 

About the producer: Established in 2011 Sustainable Living T&T (Sustain T&T) brings awareness to the issues of sustainable living and business in Trinidad and Tobago. The organization is dedicated to creating a platform for education, information sharing, and social marketing of behaviours that  are necessary to maintain our environment while diversifying our economy. In 2012 the organization was awarded the prestigious Green Leaf Merit Award from the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) for Communicating on the Environment as a result of work in the areas of film exhibition and production. A marquee event for Sustain T&T is Green Screen | The Environmental Film Series. 2015 marks its 5th year bringing environmentally themed films and lectures to communities throughout the country, for free. The organization focuses on the use of creative methods, like film and special events, to raise awareness, encourage dialogue and information exchange.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as an access space for documentary films.

This is an independently organised screening by the Kriti Film Club to mark the environment day month and is open for all. Support our work to take it ahead and reach more audiences.

Please call or write to us for any queries:
011-26027845/ 26033088

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein - Kriti Film Club specials@IHC - 26 May 2016

Kriti Film Club is showcasing another gem from our collection of music themed documentaries this year. This screening is being held in solidarity with the May Day month and you are invited.

After receiving much appreciation and demand for screenings of the Kabir Project, the Kriti Film Club invities you for another award winning documentary by Director, Shabnam Virmani.

Kabira Khada Bazaar Mein
(Journeys with Sacred & Secular Kabir)

7 pm onwards
26 May 2016 (Thursday)
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
Lodhi Road, New Delhi 110003

The film will be followed by a discussion.

About the Film: In 15th century north India, the mystic weaver Kabir spoke his poems in the market place, his spirituality firmly grounded in the public square. 600 years after his time, Kabir is found in both spaces – sacred and secular. This film interweaves his deification by the Kabir Panth sect with his secular appropriation by the social activist group Eklavya. The story unfolds through the life of Prahlad Tipanya, a Dalit singer whose participation in both domains, begins to raise difficult questions for him about ritual and organized religion. 

About the Filmmaker: Shabnam Virmani, is a documentary film maker and artist in residence at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore since 2002.Co-founder of the Drishti Media Arts and Human Rights collective, she has directed several documentaries in close partnership with grassroots women’s groups in the country (When Women Unite and Tu Zinda Hai, Bol series among others) and also co-directed an award-winning community radio program with the Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan in Gujarat. Virmani began her career as a sub-editor in The Times of India in Jaipur in 1987. A few months later she made journalistic history when she filed the Sati story on what happened in Deorala village, Rajasthan. The next year she won a scholarship to do a Masters degree in Development Communication at the Cornell University, United States. She tried her hand at filmmaking there and her 20-minute student film"Have a Nice Day," was a personal narrative of her alienation, as an Indian student trying to come to terms with North American culture. Shabnam Virmani is the director of the Kabir Project. Started in 2003, the Kabir project brings together the experiences of a series of journeys in quest of this 15th century mystic poet in our contemporary worlds. It consists of documentary films, 2 folk music videos and 10 music CDs accompanied by books of the poetry in translation. The filmsjourney into contemporary spaces touched by his music and poetry. In her films, Shabnam juxtaposes the urban and the rural, the Indian and the foreign, the classical and the folk, and the secular and the sacred, in their many approaches to Kabir and the search for a universal voice.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as an access space for documentary films.

Open for All
011-26033088/ 26027845

Note: Films and Music from the Kabir Project will be available at the screening event and can also be ordered online via