Call for Aspiring Filmmakers

Dear Friends
We are pleased to share a partners' call for aspiring film makers to attend an exclusive mentorship programme. We are happy to be collaborating with the Dharamshala International Film Festival this year. 

For those who want to attend the festival as audience, its open to All. Look out for some pre-festival outreach screenings in Delhi.

Happy Autumn times!
Kriti Film Club 

Submissions Call for Aspiring Filmmakers
Submission Deadline 15 September 2015

A Call to All: WISCOMP SAAHAS AWARDS/ Last date extended to 16 August 2015‏‏

We are pleased to share a partners' call for persons eligible to apply for the WISCOMP Saahas Awards. 

The WISCOMP Saahas Awards are for persons (Men, Women and Transgenders) between 14 and 35 years, who have spoken out and organized public action to prevent and/or stop violence against women and girls. 

If you know a person who is deserving of this award, please send your nomination or invite the person to fill in the application on this link

The submission guidelines and application form​ is available in English and Hindi.

The last date for applications has been extended to 16 August 2015

Click on this link to see the promo

We request you to share this call with friends and colleagues, and help WISCOMP
reach persons who are deserving of this award.

Please write to for any clarifications.
*Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace -WISCOMP-
facilitates gender-sensitive training, research and praxis in the areas of
 Conflict Transformation, Security & Peacebuilding in South Asia. *

[Join us at>]

Happy World Environment Day: its time to make a change in your daily lifeworkstyles! 5 June 2015

Its World Environment Day 5 June 2015 and we are making a little difference in our ways of being, seeing and doing...are you? Our Eco Festival is online this year in sharing resources and connecting the different branches and roots of our ecosystem.

Gestures by KRITI TEAM ( a community enterprise) Kriti Team (A development research, praxis and communication team)

Care for a drink? With Soda? Well Well!! see this shot by Sushmit Ghoshand Black Ticket Films to know what that means for the environment....
Reduction in soda consumption can solve world's drinking water problem 

Do you miss seeing Sparrows in your neighbourhood? If yes you'll know why when you see this shot by Sushmit Ghosh and Black Ticket Films. If you do see some still take a step to bring them back!
Sparrows are being pushed towards extinction - by our mobile phones

See, Act and Make a change in Habits! Its the only way forward.
Just how much plastic do we consume in a day?

Kriti Film Club Specials: Three Characters in Search of a Forest - Celebrating Environment Day month

Its the Environment Day week and we at the Kriti Film Club are organising the screening of 'Three Characters in Search of a Forest', Directed by Krishnendu Bose.

A story of Delhi's Ridge forest and it's struggle for survival,shared through the lives of three characters - Pradip Krishen, Ravi Agarwal and Ranjit Lal
(English/ 38 minutes/2014)

@Indian Social Insttute, Lodi Road, New Delhi

The screening is in collaboration with the ICR Book Release 'Fractured Forest' (by Thomas Crowley) and Panel Discussion 'The Delhi Ridge: Politics of Urban Ecology' with Amita Baviskar, Pradip Krishen, Soumya Dutta and others.

Come connect with the Ridge once again, to revisit old memories and make new commitments to save the ridge or what is left of the Delhi ridge and the many other forests of this capital city.

Open for All
011-26027845/ 26033088

Our 16th Birthday Post: 1st June 2015

The Kriti team turns sweet and salt 16 today, 1st June 2015 and wants to thank each one of you who has shared this journey directly or indirectly. Since there are so many in and out of the internet media we will not name anyone here today.
We owe it to all of our friends, family, colleagues, volunteers, partners, acquaintances and the many audience of our work that we still exist. You have given us many many moments to cherish, learn from and act. We are indebted, we are grateful, we are forever friends. Thank YOU!
To keep us going now, however, we need more of your support and we hope that it will come by SOON without us asking or saying more!
Sharing here some of the slogans we have created and/ or borrowed from others, and still live by and hoping to create more if we go on....
Listen to be heard, Think to be clear, Feel to be understood. (Kriti team)
Information is power, We share it, You can access it (Kriti team)
Save paper, Save Tree, Save Yourself...Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Kriti team)
In the face of struggle lives hope..energising our dreams to reclaim once more that which is ours...Our Land, Our Rights, Our Life! (Kriti team)
Decide to network, use every information
You have to express
Your fundamental beliefs and dreams
Network through thought and action
You are the centre of a network
You are a free, immensely powerful source of life and goodness
Networking is the new freedom
The new Democracy
A new form of happiness (Robert Muller)
The Struggle of People against Power
is the Struggle of Memory against Forgetting (Anon)
Whatever you do or dream to do, Begin it, Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! (Anon)
We cannot solve the problems that we have created by the same thinking that created them (Albert Einstein)
Azaadi sochne ki, likhne ki, kehne ki (kriti team)
Gadh sakte hai roz ek nayi kriti...hai ye sambhaavnaye hum mei (kriti team)

Kriti team - supporting grassroots groups, movements and organisations 
through skills, services, resources, networking and solidarity! 

Facebook group: Kriti team
Facebook page: Gestures by Kriti team

Kriti team's Greetings and January 2015 newsletter

Dear Friends
Its been a real wintry and busy start to the new year here in Delhi where we are based. So accept our apologies for a delayed Happy New Year wish to each of you, your families, friends and colleagues. 

We hope that many of you will connect with us in 2015 both, physically and virtually. On our part, we will continue our resource sharing of documentaries, books, communication material on social issues and fair trade products; capacity building and documentation support; and networking activities with as much energy as we possibly can. These processes will enable us to enhance knowledge, livelihoods and enable empowered action on many fronts - towards social change.

We are also looking at many of you as individuals and organisations to make donations for and fund our work for the first time this year, and look forward to hearing from you on that count too.

If you have not already, order a copy of 'OUR DIARY 2015', an annual movement resource and day to day planner in its 16th edition.

Join us in Delhi this Friday, 16th January 2015 for a Kriti Film Club special screening @India Habitat Centre: Mleccha Sanhaara by Subrat Kumar Sahu.

Remember and mark the important days and dates of January:

1   Safdar Hashmi Memorial Day

8   Memory Day for 1857 Martyr’s

12 National Youth Day
26 Indian Republic Day

KRITI FILM CLUB specials @Habitat

Mleccha Sanhaara - India's Kalki Project

by Subrat Kumar Sahu
(125 mins/ Odia, with subtitles in English/ 2013)

on 16th January, 2014, 7:00 PM 
at Gulmohar Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

About the film: As described in Brahmanic scriptures, those who do not adhere to Vedic-Brahmanic principles are Mlechhas - the non-Aryan, impure, dirty barbarians. And, Kalki - the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu - would come and annihilate them all one day in order to cleanse the world of all impurities to establish the Vedic-Brahmanic Dharma, the Hindu Dharma! Whether Kalki has incarnated or not, Brahmanic feudal-fascist forces have already let loose the Kalki project, which the Indian State - that calls itself a 'secular democratic Republic' - openly patronizes.

In search of the contours of India's Kalki Project, especially that involves organized violence on Dalit communities, the film travels through various villages in Balangir district in Odisha, which has been one of the most prominent laboratories of such terror. Apart from the Lathor carnage that had made headlines globally, the film captures in camera many other untold atrocities on Dalits, and also their resistance. 

The Film maker and some Experts will join us for the discussion.

About the film club: An independent, educational and outreach initiative of Kriti Team (A development research, praxis and communication team) to present and promote thought provoking cinema, running since 2000.

Order 'OUR DIARY 2015'
We are pleased to share that due to the persuasion of many of you and some pre-orders, we have been able to bring out the 16th edition of 'Our Diary' this year.  Once more an independent and non-funded resource, we hope that you will order your copies and ask for more as well. 

Our Diary 2015 belongs to all of us and the people's movements and issues we engage with in India and parts of the world. Along with poetry and prose documenting people's movements for rights and expressions of solidarity with struggles across India, books, films and activist information, the diary comes with space for days and dates to mark meetings, my notes and my thoughts, a bookmark to keep track​ of the year, a month at a glance, and a detachable wall planner. Selected contacts of movement groups is also included and references to resistance materials. 

​This diary is in continuum with the people's movement journey ​that has traversed 15 long years of protest, collective energies, and continues towards hope, peace and justice, and an end to violations of basic human rights of people, places and the environment. 

The diary comes in a 4.5"x6", very handy for use and travel...a great gift too especially for young people, activists and those interested in social movement journies. Available at a contribution of Rs.170 plus postage charges for India or anywhere in the world.

In Delhi, available at our workplace A-15 Tara Apartments, New Delhi; at Intach, Lodi Estate; People Tree, Connaught Place and Anand Stationers, Khan Market. In Bangalore, available with a Kritian, call at 9972717925

For sustainable shopping options visit our Gestures Stall and Docushop @our workplace and online on Facebook
Offering clothing, home decor, jewellery, bags, wallets, organic soaps, documentaries, books and much more...made by community women, challenged persons, youth groups and activists.

Keep a look out for more interesting resources and events from all of us Kritians!

Be thoughtful, Be in action, Be sensitive and supportive

In Solidarity
Kriti team
011-26027845/ 26033088

Order a copy of 'OUR DIARY 2015'

Dear friends

Greetings for the New Year! Its that time of the year when some of you may need to start putting your plans and thoughts together in a physical (and not virtual) diary for new dates and days. Some of you may just want to write notes and also get to read some interesting and useful material on social movements. If that someone is you, then read on!

We are happy to announce that 'Our Diary 2015' is now on the stands!

In its 16th edition as an independently (non-funded) and user produced resource, this diary is as much yours as its creators. Therefore 'OUR' Diary. 

Along with poetry and prose documenting people's movements for rights and expressions of solidarity with struggles across India, the diary comes with space for days and dates to mark meetings, my notes and my thoughts, a bookmark to keep track of the year, a month at a glance, and a detachable wall planner. Selected contacts of movement groups is also included and references to resistance materials. 

This diary is in continuum with the people's movement journey that has traversed 15 long years of protest, collective energies, and continues towards hope, peace and justice, and an end to violations of basic rights of people, places and the environment.
We look forward to you joining this journey with Our Diary 2015. 

in solidarity
Kriti team

Order Form
Our Diary 2015
The size​: 4.5” x 6.5”
ContributionRs.170.00 per diary (without postage)
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  • Tailor made printing with organisational logo and text can be made at an additional contribution or complimentary for bulk orders.
  • Please ask for South Asia/ International contribution, if required.
  • Our Diary is published independently based on orders and not funded by any donor since 2000
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Post/ Email this form, with the amount to:
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Tel.: 011-26027845/ 26033088
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VAW Reels@Kriti Film Club, 29th November 2014, from 4 to 6 pm

Please join us for the viewing and discussion of three important films as we discuss violence against women and girls this November at the kriti Film Club

VAW Reels 
@Kriti Film Club

on Saturday, 29th November 2014

4 to 6 pm

Hai Dupatta
India/30 mins/ Hindi
Director: Tess Joseph
(in collaboration with PSBT)


I Am Nirbhaya

India/9:30 mins/ Various languages
(From the series “India Unheard” by Video Volunteers)
Directors: Areeb Hashmi, Stalin K


Journey of Two Women
Pakistan/15 mins/ Urdu
Directors: Risham Waseem, Rabia Arif, Ghazala Remat
(Above films from IAWRT India’s ‘OUR Lives…To Live’ seeking a JUST world! 2014)

Date: Saturday, 29th November

Time: 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm  (winter timings of Kriti Film Club)

(screenings followed by discussion)

at the Kriti team workplace, 

A-15 Tara Apartments, near Alaknanda market

New Delhi 110019 (nearest metro – Govindpuri)


Hai Dupatta – The stole or dupatta has long been a symbol of modesty. With the changing times and the changing face of women, this piece of cloth has given reason to both, conform and protest. The Film tries to unravel what the stole means to young people and captures moments of violation and prejudices.

About the Filmmaker – Tess Jospeh is a freelance media person with experience in ideation, research and television production. She started as an Associate Producer on TV and went on to direct India’s longest running children’s programme –The Bournvita Quiz Contest. She began her tryst with films by casting for Mira Nair’s Namesake and then went on to be casting Director for Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited, Claire Mc Carthy’s ‘The Waiting City’ and, Doug Liman’s Fair Game. She has also been first assistant director on Bollywood blockbusters like Ghajini and other international films.

Journey of Two Women – This short film is an honest look at societal attitudes towards women and women’s rights in Pakistan, through casual interviews in the streets and conversations with activists, NGO heads, lawmakers and media persons. It also becomes a personal journey for the young women making the film, as their own perceptions are shaped and altered in the process.

About the Filmmakers – Risham Waseem is a student of Film and TV at the National College of Arts in Lahore, Pakistan. She has been involved in interactive theatre since the age of 11. She aspires to be a documentary filmmaker and tackle the various social issues that prevail in Pakistan. Ghazala Remat grew up in Hunza, Pakistan (where she felt she never quite fit in), and graduated in Film and TV from the National College of Arts, where she learnt to weave stories about characters through the threads of the mind. Rabia Arif has a Master’s in Mass Media. Her film Zindagi Tamasha Bani about hijras, won an award at the Vasakh Film Festival. She has made a number of other documentaries on social issues, health dilemmas, traditional approaches and cultural preservation, all of which are available online at Maati TV, youtube, Express Tribune and Daily Motion.

I am Nirbhaya – The anger after the “Nirbhaya” rape case has diffused but not disappeared. We – women, men, feminists, activists and politicians – continue to ask questions and seek answers as to how we can end rape. This video poses some pointed questions to patriarchy, in the voices of women from the most marginalised communities. The reality looks bleak. Yet the future is hopeful, if only because women across India are beginning to be heard; their desire to govern their own lives is being acknowledged. Everywhere there are thousands of Nirbhayas rising. These are some of their stories.

About the Filmmakers – Areeb Hashmi is a filmmaker with over six years’ experience in producing and directing documentaries, short films and TV commercials. In 2008 his documentary Poliomyelitis in India won him an 8000 pound scholarship by the London Film Academy for a Postgraduate Diploma in Filmmaking. Stalin K is a well-known documentary filmmaker, media trainer and human rights activist. He has won several international awards for his films. Stalin has produced 6 community radio programs, designed more than 20 rights-based campaigns and conducted over 300 trainings in filmmaking and participatory video, street theatre, radio production, and development communications. He is Managing Trustee of Video Volunteers.

ABOUT THE FILM CLUB: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films.

The world marks 16 days of activism around violence against women from 25th November to 10th December each year, these screenings are in solidarity with many women and men waging to resist and elminate violence against women and girls. We also remember mark 16th December, remembering Jyoti Patil through the film 'I am Nirbhaya' at this screening.

Note: All are welcome. Confirmations by mail or phone would be appreciated. We will have some garam garam kullad wali chai and some home made snacks to go along. Contributions to our gullak are welcome as we continue these screenings as an independent and non-funded effort. 

011-26033088/ 26027845
Facebook events page: Kriti team
Facebook social enterprise page: Gestures by Kriti team