Ebang Bewarish - ViolenceReels, Kriti Film Club Specials@IHC, 20 November 2015

Every year, we organise ViolenceReels during the Global 16 days of activism on Violence against Women. This screening is one such. Come watch, discuss and share solidarity!

invites you for the screening of 

Ebang Bewarish  (And the Unclaimed)


Directed by 

Thanks to Sappho for Equality for this production.

on 20 November 2015
7 pm 
Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre
Lodi Road, New Delhi

The film will be followed by a discussion.

About the Film: 
In a remote village in the state of West Bengal, two girls Swapna and Sucheta loved each other so much that they had to kill themselves; the village hated them so much that they had to be burnt as unclaimed bodies. One of them left behind a 5-page letter. More stories and moments emerge. 

About the Film-maker:
Debalina is an Indian filmmaker, writer, producer, and cinematographer. She studied Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. Debalina has worked on feature-length documentary films, short films, travelogues, music videos, corporate films, telefilms and experimental films. She is passionate about environmental issues, gender, sexuality and occasionally writes for newspapers and magazines.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights & environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films. 

(Kriti Film Club thanks the IAWRT team for sharing this film as part of their South Asia package 'Our Lives to Live: seeking a just world")

Open for all.

For further details contact
011-26027845/ 26033088

Best of Dharamshala International Film Festival @Kriti Film Club Specials 6th and 8th October 2015

The Kriti Film Club is back in action after a longish break and we hope that you will join us for an exciting line up of films starting off in October 2015.

We bring you one of the Best of the Dharamshala International Film Festival in Delhi on 6th October at India Habitat Centre and 8th October 2015 at Zorba The Buddha. Hope to see you. Its also a chance to plan your trip to Dharamshala in November 2015! 

6th October 2015 

A World Not Ours 
Dir. Mahdi Fleifel 
Arabic, English/ 2012/ 93 mins

Time: 7 pm
@Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi


About the Film: An intimate, humorous, portrait of three generations of exile in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh, in southern Lebanon. Based on a wealth of personal recordings, family archives, and historical footage, the film is a sensitive and illuminating study of belonging, friendship, and family. Filmed over more than 20 years by multiple generations of the same family, A World Not Ours is more than just a family portrait; it is an attempt to record what is being forgotten, and mark what should not be erased from collective memory. Winner of multiple awards including FIPRESCI Prize, NETPAC Award & Black Pearl Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 & Peace Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013 to name a few. 

About the Film maker: Mahdi Fleifel is a Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist based in London. While he was born in Dubai and mostly raised in Denmark, Mahdi has always felt that the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp in Lebanon is his home. When he would return from summer holidays spent in the camp, he found himself unable to explain what this place was like to the other children in his class — this left him with a compulsion to tell the stories of his family and friends who still live there. Over the years, he picked up his father’s obsession with recording. Through the camera, Mahdi found he could put the camp in context, and better understand the lives of those living there. To film is to secure his identity, and the memory of where he comes from. He graduated from the British National Film and Television School in 2009. ‘A World Not Ours’ is his debut feature film. Mahdi will be developing his second feature at the Cannes’ Cinefondation residence starting in March 2013.

8th October 2015

dir. León Siminiani
2012, Spain, 85 mins

Time: 6:30 pm
@Zorba The Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi

About the Film: A young Spanish director gets fired from his job at a broadcaster. Recovering his dream to make movies, he travels to India in “search” of his first feature film, only to discover that his real search isn’t in India but back home. Back in Madrid, however, things don’t exactly work out as expected. Exploring the line between documentary and fiction, Mapa is a road movie told in the first person about a young filmmaker who travels to India in search of a new “map” for love and life.

About the Film maker: León Siminiani majored in Spanish Literature and Film Direction at Columbia University, New York. Passionate about the possibilities of the audiovisual, he investigated different formats and genres. Some of his most notable fiction film works include Dos Más, Archipiélago, Ludoterapia. In addition, Siminiani has explored hybrid formats with pieces such as Zoom (2005) and the series Límites (2009). He recently released a short film titled El Premio, which was nominated for the 2012 Goya Awards for Best Fiction Short film. Produced by Avalon P.C., Pantalla Partida and himself, Mapa is his first feature film in which he continues investigating the fertile border between fiction and non-fiction.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights & environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films. 

@DIFFINDIA: This screening is in association with the Dharamshala International Film Festival. From 5-8 November 2015, India’s quirkiest, coolest and most eclectic film festival will once again descend on the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic town of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. DIFF 2015 will showcase a careful selection of features, documentaries, shorts and animation films, representing the best in contemporary independent cinema. www.diff.co.in

The Partnership: 

The Kriti Film Club says "We are thrilled to be partnering with DIFF and hope to see you at both the film screenings in Delhi and in Dharamshala for DIFF 2015. We believe that films such as those curated by DIFF are thought provoking, entertaining and bring together the many perspectives and experiences that the world encounters socially and politically. As an independent space, we believe in the power of networking and supporting the outreach of such films and also hope to make many new friends in the process whom we can continue partnering with. We'll be at Dharamshala this year during the festival and hope to see you there!"

DIFF says " Partnersing with spaces like the Kriti Film Club which have the same vision and goals as the festival is of huge importance to DIFF. We feel that cinema and art have the potential to be a force for good; the ability to transform perceptions and foster understanding; and the power to reach deep into the cauldrom of human experience and offer insights in a language understood by all. We hope that such partnerships also help us both increase visibility and reputation as well as build interest in coming to Dharamshala during the 2015 film festival. The target audience are cinema buff, who would be interested in the kind of films we programme at DIFF and thus it is relevant to partner with spaces such as the Kriti Film Club." 

Big thank you to IHC and Zorba The Buddha for supporting these events.

Open for All! Confirmations will be appreciated.


Internatitonal Peace Day Festival 2015

It's International Peace Day today and we are celebrating life and work.

Peace is defined as a holistic reality. 

Not just the absence of war and conflict, but comprehensive human security and nonviolence - rights of free expression, education, health, livelihood, sustainable development, governance; - building lives with dignity, equality, equity and justice. 

From 2006 onwards, the Kriti team has been marking the International Day of Peace with a coming together of thoughts, expressions and actions on the theme.

This year we invite you to share how you define and bring in peace each day of the year. Lets make this a collective space for sharing. 

Join us with your peace expressions on the Peace day event page. https://www.facebook.com/events/456439027877823/


Open Frame Film Festival

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to share news about a partners' event: The Open Frame by PSBT. Happening in New Delhi between 18 and 22 September 2015. Hope you can attend.

If you are looking to buy any PSBT films, please contact us. We distribute all of them.

Happy viewing.

Kriti Film Club

18-22 September, 
India International Centre Auditorium, Lodi Estate, New Delhi 

10:00 AM: DANCING SHOES | Rishebh Batnagar & Jogavindra S. Khera
The inspiring journey of Jameel Shah, who, from a tiny room in Dharavi, makes
dance shoes for the biggest national and international celebrities.
Yasmin Kidwai
On the uniquely Indian tradition of Jugaad – frugal innovation and its role in
transforming lives.
11:40 AM: JAPAN IN NAGALAND | Hemant Gaba
Will the Nagaland Anime Junkies be able to pull off their Costume Festival
with limited resources and abundant passion?
01:45 PM: THE GOD, THE TIGER AND THE WOMAN | Abhilash Vijayan
Three individuals, from three different cultural contexts in Kerala,
metamorphose into different roles for the first time in their lives.
02:35 PM: SONEPUR MELA | Sudhesh Unniraman
As the country's landscape gets filled with malls and hypermarkets, what is
happening to the large melas and haats that used to earlier thrive?
04:00 PM: VOLUME ONE | Spandan Banerjee
The story about us as tourists and guides to our own nation, bound by the
language of necessity but never of intimacy, English.
05:15 PM: LAXMAN GOLE | Tangella Madhavi
The Film canvasses the life of Laxman Gole as ex-criminal, a practicing
Gandhian and father.
06:30 PM: IN HER WORDS | Annie Zaidi
The Film traces the historic and social journeys of Indian women's lives as
revealed through the literature they created in every era.
Annie Zaidi, Arpita Das, Maitreyi Pushpa, Syeda Hameed

10:00 AM: THE DEEP RISING | Merajur Rahman Baruah
The work of dance troupe Ability Unlimited, exploring the practices of artists
with disabilities, their worlds and the collapse of the 'Us and Them' dichotomy.
10:50 AM: THE NEW GIRL IN CLASS | Amrita Dasgupta
The intimate life story of Roshni and Neerja, exploring mainstream education
for children with autism while raising pertinent questions about how we
understand autism and the idea of being different.
12:20 PM: THE HOPE DOCTORS | Diya Banerjee
A bittersweet journey into the lives of ordinary people and the extraordinary
worlds they create through medical clowning to help those in difficult
medical scenarios.
03:00 PM: AYODHYA GATHA | Vani Subramanian
A tapestry of perspectives on how deeply the politics of hate affect personal
everyday lives and what it takes to negotiate a way out.
GROWN” | Ajay Raina
A Kashmiri revisiting his home to witness the scars of a paradise lost.
05:20 PM: TILL THEN THE ROADS CARRY HER | Uzma Falak Mehraj
Stories of resistance and women's agency that challenge dominant
narratives of victimhood of Kashmiri women.
Harsh Mander, Siddharth Varadarajan, Uma Chakravarti
Uzma Falak Mehraj, Vani Subramanian
07:00 PM: WHAT THE FIELDS REMEMBER | Subasri Krishnan
A revisiting of the killings of Bengali Muslims in Nellie on 18 February 1983
and an exploration of how the survivors remember the violence and how
those spaces mark people's relationship to history and memory.

10:00 AM: DHARMA DOLLIES | Aruna Har Prasad
A humourous, often satirical, look at the new line of business activity, which
has sprouted dozens of spiritual gurus all over India.

ADOOR: A JOURNEY IN FRAMES | Rajiv Mehrotra & Vipin Vijay
Explores Adoor Gopalakrishnan's engagement with human conditions at the
most elemental level and how his intense sensibility about the 'local' makes
his films universal in appeal.

A foray into the mind of Shyam Benegal and his work to understand his
motivations and impulses for making cinema.

02:30 PM: LADIES SPECIAL | Nidhi Tuli
An account of the wondrous journeys of women commuters travelling in a
women's only train – the Ladies Special.

03:00 PM: SHAADI, SEX, AUR PARIVAAR | Aman Kaleem
Women entering marriage reflect on ideas of love, body image, sexuality,
freedom and identity and how they navigate these complexities.

03:50 PM: THE IDEAL MATCH | Siddharth Sawhney
The story of Gaurav and Monica, who remains missing, years after being
forcefully sent her to her parent's family.

05:20 PM: IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE | Sandeep Kr. Singh & Aakriti Kohli
A story of people who have lived and loved, exploring queer love and
relationships, togetherness, sexuality and illegality in India.

Gautam Bhan, Karuna Nundy, Madhu Kishwar, Mary E. John

07:00 PM: LET'S TWIST AGAIN | Sonata Dkhar
The unique and hybrid identity of the Anglo Indian and the future of the
community in India, touching upon a variety of notes – from the quirky and
humourous, to the reminiscent and sombre.

Meera Dewan
The trend of illegal immigration of youth from Punjab to Europe and North
America in search of a better life.

02:50 PM: VERTICAL CITY | Avijit Mukul Kishore
Experiences of the oppressive spaces and living conditions of places hidden
st away in a 21 century metropolis – Bombay.

03:30 PM: BADE TV WALA | Avadhoot Khanolkar
The life of Jagjeevanram Maru, an analog projectionist for over 40 years,
taking us into the world of manual film projection at a time when digital
projectors are changing the face of cinema as we know it.

04:30 PM: MARDISTAN | Harjant Gill
Four men explore the notion of contemporary manhood in a rapidly
globalising India.

Amandeep Sandhu, Harjant Gill, Radhika Chopra, Sanjay Srivastava

Sujata Kulshreshtha
Will Team Indus, India's only entry to the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, an
unprecedented competition, manage to land a spacecraft on the moon?

07:15 PM: JAI HO | Umesh Aggarwal
The hitherto untold and unheard story of one of the greatest musicians the
world has ever known – Allah-Rakha Rahman.

5000-odd women who free-dive to collect seaweed in the Gulf of Mannar
Marine National Park of Tamil Nadu find themselves struggling for their

GRANDMAMAS* | Yasmin Kidwai
A fascinating tale of sustainability, demystification of technology, solidarity
and social inclusion through the story of unlettered women from all over the
world, training to become solar engineers.

12:00 PM: TIGER DYNASTY* | S. Nallamuthu
The intimate story of a young tigress and the challenging journey she
undertakes to reclaim the lost tiger territory and begin a new dynasty.

LAKE - 1970-2007 | Akanksha Joshi
A banyan tree on the banks of lake Chilika, whispers tales of the lake and her
fisher folk, foretelling a time when there may be no lake.

Ruchi Shrivastava & Sumit Khanna
The life, motivations and work of Chandi Prasad Bhatt, described by
Ramachandra Guha as one of the finest Indians alive today, who silently
changed the paradigm of environment activism in India.

Akanksha Joshi, Anupam Mishra, Sumit Khanna, Usha Ramanathan

6:15 PM: THE NEST | Sange Dorjee Thongdok
About Yeshi and Dema, who run Tashi Delek – a small eatery – at the mouth of
the Sela pass, at an altitude of 14000 feet, more often than not, being the only
sign of human habitation.

07:10 PM: BAHURUPIYA | Sidharth Srinivasan
The lives of two folk performers, whose fading, inherited profession involves
‘wearing many faces’.
* Presented in partnership with CMS Vatavaran.

Looking to buy a Documentary. Contact space.kriti@gmail.com or call us on 011-26027845

Call for Aspiring Filmmakers

Dear Friends
We are pleased to share a partners' call for aspiring film makers to attend an exclusive mentorship programme. We are happy to be collaborating with the Dharamshala International Film Festival this year. 

For those who want to attend the festival as audience, its open to All. Look out for some pre-festival outreach screenings in Delhi.

Happy Autumn times!
Kriti Film Club 

Submissions Call for Aspiring Filmmakers http://diff.co.in/diff-film-fellows/
Submission Deadline 15 September 2015

A Call to All: WISCOMP SAAHAS AWARDS/ Last date extended to 16 August 2015‏‏

We are pleased to share a partners' call for persons eligible to apply for the WISCOMP Saahas Awards. 

The WISCOMP Saahas Awards are for persons (Men, Women and Transgenders) between 14 and 35 years, who have spoken out and organized public action to prevent and/or stop violence against women and girls. 

If you know a person who is deserving of this award, please send your nomination or invite the person to fill in the application on this link www.wiscomp.org/wsa-index.php

The submission guidelines and application form​ is available in English and Hindi.

The last date for applications has been extended to 16 August 2015

Click on this link to see the promo

We request you to share this call with friends and colleagues, and help WISCOMP
reach persons who are deserving of this award.

Please write to programs@wiscomp.org for any clarifications.

*Women in Security, Conflict Management and Peace -WISCOMP-
facilitates gender-sensitive training, research and praxis in the areas of
 Conflict Transformation, Security & Peacebuilding in South Asia. *

[Join us at

Happy World Environment Day: its time to make a change in your daily lifeworkstyles! 5 June 2015

Its World Environment Day 5 June 2015 and we are making a little difference in our ways of being, seeing and doing...are you? Our Eco Festival is online this year in sharing resources and connecting the different branches and roots of our ecosystem.

Gestures by KRITI TEAM ( a community enterprise) Kriti Team (A development research, praxis and communication team)https://www.facebook.com/groups/53131924748/

Care for a drink? With Soda? Well Well!! see this shot by Sushmit Ghoshand Black Ticket Films to know what that means for the environment....
Reduction in soda consumption can solve world's drinking water problem 
(Link: https://youtu.be/IiF14zCXm-A)

Do you miss seeing Sparrows in your neighbourhood? If yes you'll know why when you see this shot by Sushmit Ghosh and Black Ticket Films. If you do see some still take a step to bring them back!
Sparrows are being pushed towards extinction - by our mobile phones
(Link: https://youtu.be/4AtYEK5VnJI)

See, Act and Make a change in Habits! Its the only way forward.
Just how much plastic do we consume in a day?
(Link: https://youtu.be/KoYyfr4R-u8)

Kriti Film Club Specials: Three Characters in Search of a Forest - Celebrating Environment Day month

Its the Environment Day week and we at the Kriti Film Club are organising the screening of 'Three Characters in Search of a Forest', Directed by Krishnendu Bose.

A story of Delhi's Ridge forest and it's struggle for survival,shared through the lives of three characters - Pradip Krishen, Ravi Agarwal and Ranjit Lal
(English/ 38 minutes/2014)

@Indian Social Insttute, Lodi Road, New Delhi

The screening is in collaboration with the ICR Book Release 'Fractured Forest' (by Thomas Crowley) and Panel Discussion 'The Delhi Ridge: Politics of Urban Ecology' with Amita Baviskar, Pradip Krishen, Soumya Dutta and others.

Come connect with the Ridge once again, to revisit old memories and make new commitments to save the ridge or what is left of the Delhi ridge and the many other forests of this capital city.

Open for All
011-26027845/ 26033088

Our 16th Birthday Post: 1st June 2015

The Kriti team turns sweet and salt 16 today, 1st June 2015 and wants to thank each one of you who has shared this journey directly or indirectly. Since there are so many in and out of the internet media we will not name anyone here today.
We owe it to all of our friends, family, colleagues, volunteers, partners, acquaintances and the many audience of our work that we still exist. You have given us many many moments to cherish, learn from and act. We are indebted, we are grateful, we are forever friends. Thank YOU!
To keep us going now, however, we need more of your support and we hope that it will come by SOON without us asking or saying more!
Sharing here some of the slogans we have created and/ or borrowed from others, and still live by and hoping to create more if we go on....
Listen to be heard, Think to be clear, Feel to be understood. (Kriti team)
Information is power, We share it, You can access it (Kriti team)
Save paper, Save Tree, Save Yourself...Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (Kriti team)
In the face of struggle lives hope..energising our dreams to reclaim once more that which is ours...Our Land, Our Rights, Our Life! (Kriti team)
Decide to network, use every information
You have to express
Your fundamental beliefs and dreams
Network through thought and action
You are the centre of a network
You are a free, immensely powerful source of life and goodness
Networking is the new freedom
The new Democracy
A new form of happiness (Robert Muller)
The Struggle of People against Power
is the Struggle of Memory against Forgetting (Anon)
Whatever you do or dream to do, Begin it, Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! (Anon)
We cannot solve the problems that we have created by the same thinking that created them (Albert Einstein)
Azaadi sochne ki, likhne ki, kehne ki (kriti team)
Gadh sakte hai roz ek nayi kriti...hai ye sambhaavnaye hum mei (kriti team)

Kriti team - supporting grassroots groups, movements and organisations 
through skills, services, resources, networking and solidarity! 

Facebook group: Kriti team
Facebook page: Gestures by Kriti team