Upcoming Kriti Film Club Screenings

Kriti Film Club @Alaknanda (27th September 2014, Saturday)
2 films from the series REMEMBERING 1992, by School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, Mumbai (From IAWRT India’s OUR Lives…To Live seeking a JUST world! as part of OBR 2014)

Badalte Nakshe (Changing Maps)
24mins/ English, Hindi
Directors: Nithila Kanagasabai, Archana Sadar, Nitya Menon, Likokba Sangtam
Ek Aakhri Panah (One Last Refuge)
15 mins/ Hindi
Directors: Tanvi Barge, Krishna Panchal, Piyush Garud, Juanita Mukhia

on Saturday, 27th September, from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm
(screening followed by discussion)
at the Kriti team workplace
A-15 Tara Apartments, near Alaknanda market
New Delhi 110019 (nearest metro – Govindpuri)
Phone: +91-11-26033088/ 26027845


Badalte Nakshe follows Farhana Ashraf, a teacher and a writer, as it engages with certain questions: 20 years later, how do those who were children at the time remember the lived experience of the riots? And how do today’s young people make meaning of these inherited narratives of violence from what they hear and see – through popular culture, or text books? Erasures, omissions and ruptures come to light as the film travels between past and present.
This film was earlier screened at Focus Asia: Memory and Documentary Film – Exploring Painful and Forgotten Memories in China, India, and Indonesia, Lund University, Sweden; Madurai International Documentary and Short Film festival; Woodpecker International Film Festival, New Delhi. All four directors have completed their MA in Media and Cultural Studies at SCMS, TISS.

Ek Aakhri Panah – During December 1992 and January 1993, Muslim communities living in the city of Mumbai witnessed communal violence within their localities. As the violence escalated, people moved or shifted to areas where they felt safer or had family. This resulted in the expansion of areas like Mumbra and the creation of ghettos across the city. This film looks at Mumbra and its history through the eyes of two young Muslim women who work in the Rehnuma Library, a space where young women meet to study, write, co-create and work on issues of women’s empowerment. The film was earlier screened at Seamedu Film Festival, Pune (Best non-fiction student film); Prakriti Film Festival, Calicut; VIBGYOR International Film Festival, Thrissur, Kerala. All four directors graduated from SMCS, TISS in May 2013.

Open for all, confirmations appreciated. Alongside, have some chai-shai at our ecoCafe !

Kriti Film Club Specials@IHC (1st October 2014, Wednesday)
The Kriti Film Club brings a special screening on 1st October to mark the International Day of Older Persons.

Zohra Segal on Zohra Segal
39 mins/ Hindi/English
Director: Anant Raina

ABOUT THE FILM: The film is the story of Zohra Segal, in her own words. Compiled from two interviews with Zohra Segal when she was about to turn 100, interspersed with recitations and personal photographs, it presents an account of a truly fantastic life.

on 1st October 2014, 7.00 to 8.30 pm
(screening followed by discussion with the film-maker)
at Casuarina Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

ABOUT THE FILM CLUB: Kriti Film Club (running since 2000) is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We are an independent group that screens documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights & environment issues. We also serve as a space for accessing documentary films, so get in touch with us in case you are looking for any such film.

9th Annual Peace Day Festival (Online) – 21st September 2014

Kriti Team is back with its Annual International Peace Day Festival on 21st September 2014 and we wish to celebrate it online this year, with the larger public.

We invite you to participate in this ONLINE festival with us by sharing your expressions and perspectives on PEACE. You are welcome to send in your entries in the form of:

  • Songs
  • Poems
  •  Photographs taken by you (as you symbolize peace)
  • Drawing, illustration or a painting by you
  • Verse or Quotable quote by you (ideally) or that inspires you
  • Or any other creative expression that can be posted online

We at the Kriti team firmly believe that peace can be established in the world through small and dedicated efforts at the individual to community level. So, on the International Peace Day this year, let’s re-affirm our conviction for peace, let’s connect with each other through this medium of the world wide web in an exception to our festivals over the last seven years.

We will collate all the entries and post them on the Peace Day (21st September) on our blog and on this page. The entries will also form a part of a larger collective on Peace Expressions/ Rights, to be showcased publically in the near future (with due credit and ownership to each author/ creator). Lets create our collective archive of peace and make our PEACE HANDPRINT on Sunday, 21st September 2014.

Entries open: from 12th September to 20th September


Please also feel free to post them as comments on this page if you wish to share your contributions directly. We wish to co-create this festival with you and would appreciate active ownership.

Friends, volunteers and supporters of Kriti team, please share this further with your friends and networks and invite everybody to create an online wave of peace this year J


2014 – Right to Peace

The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence.

The theme of the 2014 International Day of Peace is the “Right of Peoples to Peace”, which recognizes that the promotion of peace is vital for the full enjoyment of all human rights.
Kriti Film Club August Screening (30th August 2014)​

The Kriti Film Club was being missed, we heard from some of you. And that means you should come for this next showing! And to those film makers who have made something we haven’t seen and shown yet, please do write in and we would be happy to show your documentary in this space.

You are invited for the screening of

(Between Border and the Fence.On Edge of a Map)

Ajay Raina/ 77 mins​/English/Hindi/Urdu

apour ti yapour (47) 2apour ti yapour (51)apour ti yapour (59)

Saturday, 30th August, 2014
5.45 pm – 8.00 pm (screening followed by discussion)

​at A -15 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019 (nearest Metro is Govindpuri)
Phone: 26027845/ 26033088

About the Film- The Film delves into the untranslatable in Kashir (Kashmir), maps the distance it has travelled emotionally and psychologically from the idea of India. After twenty years of turmoil and the consequent Indian State response, has Kashir come to a point from where there is nowhere else to go?

About the Filmmaker - After a Diploma in Cinema (Film Direction) from the Film and Television Institute of India, Ajay Raina has been making documentary films about Kashmir, where he spent his formative years. His films with PSBT, Tell Them, 'The tree they had Planted has now Grown.' won the Golden Conch at MIFF, 2002, and Wapsi won the National Award in 2005. Ajay taught Screenplay Writing at FTII and Video Production at ISBM, Pune, and was involved with training a group of semi-literate boys and girls from underprivileged slums/ communitiesof Mumbai and Ladakh in Video Production. 

About the Kriti Film Club: The film club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films.
Open for all, confirmations appreciated. You are welcome to have some chai-shai at our ecoCafe @intervals, on contribution!

The Waterfall (Online screening)

Kriti Film Club invites you to an ONLINE screening of

The Waterfall - A film by Parvez Imam

link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3uYpo6NR9I

Duration: 44min
Language: English (with Subtitles)

18th July (2:00 pm onwards) to 21st July 2014 (midnight)

About the film
As the bombings continue on Gaza and people on either sides of the border get pulled into an endless war of hatred and misery once again, we bring a fresh perspective on that very land through this film. The film was produced independently by the filmmaker in the wake of similar bombings on Gaza in Dec 2009. It offers fresh insights that come from simple people like you and me.

Shot in Hampi and Ecuador, the film also uses some news footage from the 2009 bombings.

The film is about five random travelers who come together to trek to a Waterfall in Hampi. What ensues flows from the heart. In yet another corner a backpacker from Israel talks about meditation and the need for peace. While halfway across the globe in Ecuador, a doctor from Palestine talks about the problems of public health she faces in her land.

Where does all this lead to?

'in solidarity with people in Gaza, Israel and every part of the world, who oppose the war '

Note: For those who would like individual or institutional copies of the DVD, please do write to us on space.kriti@gmail.com for your orders.

Clearance Sale @Kriti team (10th to 24th April 2014)

We have a clearance sale on at the Kriti team's workplace...come and pick up some useful stuff before we send it to be recycled!!
  • new and old workplace or workshop/ conference stationary files, folders, notebooks, diaries
  • trendy cotton tshirts for women, men, boys and girls,
  • bags for workshops, travel, laptops, shopping, wallets, pouches, - jute and cloth,
  • handmade paper stationary and utility products, wrapping paper, visiting cards, envelopes, notebooks, diaries, photo frames, lamps, paper bags etc,
  • greeting cards and prints of birds, trees and other socially relevant art,
  • mugs galore,
  • natural cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, handwash liquid, oils, incense cones etc,
  • natural herbs and spices,
  • jewellery and accessories,
  • cotton kurtas for women of all ages and sizes, 
  • woolen, silk and cotton shawls and stoles,
  • cane baskets, toys, home decor items
  • issue based posters - women, children, environment, human rights, labour, health, etc,
  • development, environment and human rights issues based old books, newsletters and magazines,
  • documentary films 
  • resistance music 

We hope that individuals and groups will drop by our space and pick up useful resources that will be happy on your pockets too!

For those of you who cannot visit us please contact us and we will try and fulfill your request.

This sale is on until 24th April 2014!
Visit us at S-35 Tara Apartments between 10 to 6 pm except on Sunday. 
Call us on 011-26027845/ 26033088 for any details. 
Connect with us on facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/events/1383851645192930/

Apna Haq: New Media and Girls Rights - Film Screening and Panel Discussion (Sunday, 9th March 2014)


are pleased to invite you for a film screening and panel discussion
to mark International Women's Day Week

Date: Sunday, 9th March 2014


6.30-7.00 pm: Tea
7.00-7.45 pm: Film screening
7.45-9.00 pm: Panel Discussion

Venue: Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

The Film: Apna Haq

A film with visual stories and experiences on the question of lack of adequate toilet facilities in urban slum communities of Delhi. The film creatively shows how not having a toilet can have a major effect on people's lives, specifically on young women.

The Film Makers: 

A group of 25 young girls from low income colonies in South Delhi trained to share their world by VOW (Voices of Women) Media ...girls who are regulars at the tech centre run by Feminist Approach to Technology (FAT).

The Panel Discussion: New Media and Girls Rights

Issues, voices, challenges around new media products, spaces, outreach and advocacy for Change and Rights of young people, especially young women and girls from low income families.

Confirmed Panelists: 
Anupama Srinivasan, Film maker
Abhishek Srivastava, ITVS
Jessie, KidsPoweredMedia
Asha Tiwari, FAT
Poorvi Bhargava, Khabar Lahariya

Moderator: Sreekala, Independent Consultant

The Exhibit and Stall:
Photographs by the Tech Centre girls for exhibition cum purchase, photo book and film sharing, FAT t-shirts and Kriti team docushop and gestures stall.

Acknowledgement to IHC for Venue Support
Open for all. Confirmations appreciated
space.kriti@gmail.com/ 011-26033088/ 26027845
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/349580571849712/?ref_notif_type=plan_mall_activity&source=1

Kriti Film Club screenings to mark Women's Day week

Women's Day week Film screening, discussion and resource sharing events by the Kriti team in collaboration with friends...

Teen Behenein(2011/ 124 mins/ Hindi with English subtitles)

The film based on the real life incident of three sisters in Kanpur who committed suicide in 1988 to save their parents a huge dowry. The film shows the three sisters committing suicide but the director attempts to show that there was an alternative as well. That is, if the girls had decided to stand on their own feet, the scenario would have been different.

An Unreleased Film Directed by KUNDAN SHAH and SHEKHAR HATTANGADI

Join us for the film screening and discussion with the associate director, Shekhar Hattangadi

These screenings are part of the International Women's Day celebrations by the:

  • Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies, JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA (JMI) on 5th March 2014 between 2-4.30 pm at the Nehru Centre, JMI campus, New Delhi
  • YWCA of Delhi, Ashoka Road, New Delhi between 10.30 - 12.30 pm on 7th March 2014

Facebook: Kriti team

Rising for the Power of Love and Justice....vignettes from events during 12-14 December 2013

-music, dance and voices
12-14 December 2013, New Delhi
In solidarity with the many survivors of violence, in and outside our families, homes, streets, workplaces and institutions. In the build up to One Billion Rising for Justice 2014, co-organised by Delhi based Women's Groups, Civil Society Organisations and Students
December 2013 saw over one thousand people rising for the power of love and justice to end violence against women across four venues (see programme for details) in the city of Delhi. From women activists to students, academics to performing artists, young children to women taxi drivers and chauffeurs, senior police officials to men and women police constables, members of the community and the public…Delhi came together with Eve Ensler of V-Day (accompanied by Monique Wilson, Tony  and the One Billion Rising campaign to sing, dance, rise and raise voices for equality, justice and peace.
We at the Kriti team were happy to help coordinate and participate in these risings along with many other friends and partners....

Performances: Jee Lene Do Mujhe Har Lamhaa..zindagi kuch kahe rahi hai, kehe lene do… rendered by Shubha Mudgal  and Maa Ne Meri Mei Nai Darna….by Swaang, songs that say it all about the desire to live without fear, with freedom and equality…songs of justice.

Azad Parinde, with members of Azad Foundation and Sakha women drivers brought the audience to a collective song and dance in solidarity with the women’s movement, as they voiced Tu Zinda Hai…and Beti Hu mei teri Beti Banungi.
Namrata Panmani shared her expressions of bodily freedom and the desire to fight oppression with a contemporary dance performance.

Eve Ensler’s performance based on her old and new writings ‘’In the Body of Justice’’ resonated with members of the audiences across all venues as she connected with marginalized women from different  sectors to demand justice with her powerful voice…I am Rising. Katie Gray, an international singer shared her commitment to the issue with music penned around the Rising.

Young people associated with Cequin and Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha (SMS) performed to the OBR song Break the Chain and had everyone in the audience at Jamia Millia Islamia dancing and rising.
Justin McCarthy added to the power of love with his amazing classical dance performance. Manzil Mystics sang of resisting patriarchy and saving the girl child, along with students of Jamia singing along. A play, Museum...of species in danger, by Being Association, directed by Rasika Agashe,  was also performed at YWCA of Delhi in collaboration with the Jurrat campaign.

Exhibits: An exhibition of posters, paintings and handbills on domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, dowry, sexuality, masculinity, patriarchy and feminism presented a visual imagery of the issues that need attention in this struggle for justice, along with images of OBR 2013 events across the country.  The exhibition at India Habitat Centre collated by Kriti team was represented by posters of several partnering organizations, and Fine Arts students at Jamia Millia Islamia and WDC students at Miranda House.  
Photos and Videos captured these events so that we can continue to enhance participation towards One Billion Rising for Justice on 14 February 2014.

Discussions: Eve Ensler and Kamla Bhasin along with many other speakers at Jamia Millia Islamia, and the panel discussions at Miranda House on Zero Tolerance to Sexual Harassment and Violence against women and at India Habitat Centre on a Feminist Dialogue for Envisioning Justice, shared their vision of a violence free world for women and girls. A press conference was also organised prior to these events.

Participation and Rising: We heard men pledging to counter violence against women and girls and lend their support wherever possible, as also police men and women, community women from bastis of Delhi and NCR.  

New and old friends were made as many in the audience networked with activists and artists to continue to join this rising. Posters, Parchis and ribbons were shared in solidarity so that the thought and actions against violence on women are strengthened further.  The events saw extensive press coverage across national and regional dailies as well as the internet and social media.

Several Delhi based women’s organizations and NGOs, students and media persons coordinated these events, including PFI, Action Aid, Oxfam India, Save the Children, Sangat, Jagori, Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies and Outreach Programme, JMI, Delhi University, Miranda House, YWCA of Delhi, Kriti team, CFAR, The Hunger Project, Aadhar, ArthAastha, Blank Noise, CHSJ, CEQUIN, SMS, Change.org, Azad Foundation, Sakha Consulting Wings, WDC-LSR, CPA, Anhad and many others.


12th December 2013, 7-9.30 pm
Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi
 The Power of Love and Justice to end Violence against Women: An evening of Music, Dance and Voices
       Welcome by Kamla Bhasin, Feminist Activist
Performances by:
·         Shubha Mudgal (classical music),
·         Azad-Sakha Mahila Chalak (with Azad Parinde),
·         Eve Ensler (performing ‘In the Body of Justice’),
·         Swaang (protest songs),
·         Namrata Panmani (with Yogi Motor), and
·         Katie Grey (International Singer)
·         OBR 2014 Videos and Pledges by Students, Community representatives and Supporters.
On the sidelines: Exhibition of posters and materials on the theme

Co-organised by Delhi based Women's Groups, Civil Society Organisations and Students in collaboration with India Habitat Centre.

13th December 2013, 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Ansari Auditorium, JMI
To join and strengthen One Billion Rising to end Violence against Women: An Evening of Music, Dances & Voices
·         Inauguration by Prof S. M. Sajid, the Vice Chancellor, JMI
Performances by:
·         Eve Ensler- “In the Body of Justice”
·         Manzil Mystics – Music Band
·         Justin Mcarthy – Bharatnatyam
·         Katie Gray- Vocal
·         Dance on Man ki Manjeere by Srijanatmak Manushi Sanstha
·         Collective Dance on OBR song, Break the Chain

On the sidelines: Exhibition of posters, art works, sculpture on the theme of violence against women by students

Organised by Sarojini Naidu Centre for Women’s Studies & The Outreach Programme, Jamia Millia Islamia University along with Delhi based organizations

14th December 2013, 11 am to 1 pm
Auditorium, Miranda House, Delhi University
Interactive session with:

·         Professor Vidhu Verma: Chairperson, Centre for Political Science, SSS, JNU.
·         Dr. Ashok Acharya: Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Delhi University.
·         Kamla Bhasin: Renowned feminist activist.
·         Eve Ensler: American playwright, performer, feminist, activist and founder of V–DAY USA.

Eve Ensler will be performing ‘In the Body of Justice’ and Katie Grey will present music for love and justice.

Organised by Miranda House Women Development Cell (W.D.C.), College Complaints Committee (C.C.C), Developing Countries Research Centre (D.C.R.C) along with Delhi based organizations

14th December 2013, 1 to 3 pm
YWCA of Delhi
 In solidarity with the Jurrat Campaign and as part of One Billion Rising, the YWCA of Delhi along with Kriti team organised the performance of the play 'Museum...Being Association, directed by Rasika Agashe,  was also performed at YWCA of Delhi in collaboration with the Jurrat campaign - organised by Majma and Swaang to mark one year since the Delhi gang rape. Manzil Mystics also performed at this event attended by over 250 young women studying at YWCA of Delhi, women and children from bastis that YWCA of Delhi works in and several other students and members of the public.

14th December 2013, 4 to 6 pm
Silver Oak I, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi. 
A Feminist Dialogue on Envisioning Justice - The panelists include Eve Ensler, Kamla Bhasin, Kumkum Sangari,Vimal Thorat, Vrinda Grover and Shabnam Hashmi and would be moderated by Seema Mustafa.

Organised by Centre for Policy Analysis, Jagori and Sangat along with Delhi based organizations

www.facebook.com/ onebillionrisingsouthasia
www.facebook.com/ onebillionrisingdelhi

Photos by Tape That and Soumen Dutta