India premiere of 'Women in Religion in India' / 15 June 2018/ Kriti Film Club specials @IHC


Taala Te Kunjee premiere at Gurugram / 18 May 2018

Delhi Premiere of A THIN WALL by Kriti Film Club @IHC/ 12 May 2018

Kriti team Vignettes April 2018

Kriti Film Club screening in Bangalore 10 April 2018

Taala Te Kunjee/ Lock and Key - Kriti Film Club specials @IHC/ 6 April 2018

The Books we Made - a Kriti Film Club screening @IHC/ 16 March 2018/ 7 pm

Raahi zindagi rozana by Ankur Talkies @Kriti Film Club/ 10 March 2018

The Little Girls We Were....And The Women We Are - a Kriti Film Club special @IHC / 17 February 2018

Kriti Film Club screening of Shovana/ 31.01.18 @IHC, New Delhi

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