Kriti Film Club screening of Shovana/ 31.01.18 @IHC, New Delhi

invites you to join us for the first of our specially curated documentary screenings for 2018

We open with SHOVANA and you are invited! The film will be followed by a discussion with the director.

(56 min./ English/ 2017)
Directed by Aparna Sanyal
Poduced by PSBT

Date: 31st January 2018
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi
(nearest metros: JLN stadium, Jor Bagh, Khan Market)

About the film: Padmashri Shovana Narayan brought classical dance into the lives of ordinary people, through over six decades of devotion to her art. As a bureaucrat, guru, researcher, scholar, wife and mother, she has delighted in going against the grain, and living authentically, with an air of purpose that is at once resolute and gentle. The Film brings to the fore the deeply reflective, generous and sensitive artist that lies behind the vivacious public image.

About the film maker: Aparna Sanyal is a filmmaker and producer based in Delhi, who has worked extensively on documentaries and TV shows, for channels like Discovery, History, National Geographic, Times Now, Headlines Today, CNN and the BBC. Recognised by the British Council for Creative Entrepreneurship, she is a National Award Winner and a Charles Wallace Grant recipient.

About the producer: Public Service Broadcasting Trust is a unique success story in mentoring, funding and empowering the production of independent documentaries, to critical acclaim around the world. It is a non-governmental, not-for-profit trust that works to democratise access to the media and encourage free expression. It commissions documentaries driven by personal passion and social relevance, enlarging the scope of documentary practice and its potential for affecting change.

About the film club: Kriti Film Club is an ​educational initiative of a not-for-profit organisation 'Kriti team​​'. It screens and shares documentary films on development, environment and socially relevant issues, in an effort to influence mindsets and behaviour towards an equitous, just and peaceful world. ​It also curates issue based film festivals and organises neighbourhood, school, college or institutional film shows. ​​The Kriti Film Club has been screening regularly and independently since 2000.​

Open for all. Confirmations would be appreciated
011-26027845/ 26033088
Facebook: Kriti team

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India Premiere of 'YAYA (The Mother)' - Kriti Film Club specials @IHC/ 27 December 2017


invites you for the last of its 2017 screenings on 27th December 2017 
with the India Premiere of:

YAYA (The Mother)

(1 hour 47 minutes/ Hindi, Gondi and Chattisgarhi/ 2017)

by Saumya Sharma

About the film: An ethnographic film on Gonds of Bastar, one of the largest indigenous groups of South Asia, whose ancestry maybe traced to early African humans through various anthropological elements. It tells their story through various elements that constitute a culture of an indigenous group, such as history, rock paintings, livelihood, music & dance, education system, birth/ marriage/ death ceremonies, ancestral spirit calling etc. 

The film will be followed by a discussion with the film maker.

Date: 27 December 2017
Time: 7 pm onwards

Venue Gulmohar, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

(nearest metro stations: JLN stadium, Jor Bagh, Khan Market)

Open for all.

Thanks to India Habitat Centre for the collaboration.

For details please contact us:
011-26033088/ 26027845

Cecilia (a Kriti Film Club special @India Habitat Centre)/ 28 November 2017

Kriti Film Club Invites you for its November screening in solidarity with Children's day and 16 Days of Activism on violence against women


directed by Pankaj Johar 
produced by Sunaina kapoor
(79 mins/ Hindi/ English/ Bengali/ 2016)

on 28 November 2017
7 pm onwards

@Gulmohar Hall
India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi 

About the film: “Cecilia” is the story of struggle for justice of Cecilia Hasda, a tribal woman from West Bengal-India, whose 14 year old daughter Mati is trafficked and found dead in New Delhi. Tragically, Cecilia has to pay with her own life after justice remains elusive even after two years. The 80 minute documentary has a personal narrative and is a first person account of the director who hired Cecilia as a housekeeper from a placement agency.

About the film maker: A one time financial consultant Pankaj left his lucrative job to pursue his passion for films when he was 24. He worked as a television producer for six years before founding his own production company in 2009. His work has been supported by organisations like IDFA Bertha Fund, Norwegian Film Institute (SORFOND), Sundance Documentary Fund, BritDoc and Indian Films Division. Pankaj joined one of India's biggest media groups – NDTV in 2002 and was part of the core team that launched India's first lifestyle channel, NDTV Good Times. He later worked as a senior producer with India’s leading news channels and produced shows from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iceland and Burma. As a television producer, the content produced by him has won various media awards. The subjects have ranged from Global Warming’s impact on Arctic Ice to the Sri Lankan conflict. Pankaj’s mid-length documentary, “Still Standing” on his quadriplegic father won the best debut film of a director from the Indian government and got the award of excellence from the Indian Documentary Producer’s Association. His first feature length film, “Cecilia” premiered at IDFA 2015. He is also the Producer/EP of independent Bollywood film, “Shuttlecock Boys”, which released in the Indian screens in 2012 and featured in almost all the top Indian critics’ year-end lists. Pankaj has also worked as a consultant on Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan’s popular show on social issues, Satyamev Jayate besides directing several social and corporate films for clients like United Nations, TED and Government of India.

About the film club: Kriti Film Club is an ​educational initiative of a not-for-profit organisation 'Kriti team​​'. It screens and shares documentary films on development, environment and socially relevant issues, in an effort to influence mindsets and behaviour towards an equitous, just and peaceful world. ​It also curates issue based film festivals and organises neighbourhood, school, college or institutional film shows. ​​The Kriti Film Club has been screening regularly and independently since 2000.​

The film will be followed by a discussion with the film maker!

Open for all. Confirmations are always welcome.

Durrell’s Underhogs (Kriti Film Club specials @IHC)/ 8 October 2017

Kriti Film Club invites you to come celebrate Wildlife Week with the screening of 

Durrell’s Underhogs 

Directed by Daniel Craven 
(45 mins/ 2017/ English)

on 8 October 2017

at 7 pm

Gulmohar Hall
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road
New Delhi 110003

About the Film: This film is about the critically endangered Pygmy Hog and the relentless efforts, initiated by the legendary author and pioneer of conservation- Gerald Durrell for saving it. Once ranging throughout the Himalayan foothills of Nepal, Bhutan and India, the Pygmy hog was thought to be extinct until they resurfaced through a chance encounter, thus starting a chain of efforts by organizations like the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust to revive their numbers.

The film follows Daniel Craven’s journey, who’s an advocate of Gerald Durrell- the legendary author and pioneer of conservation. His journey takes us through the ancient by lanes of Varanasi, on to Jamshedpur where Gerald was born and spent the first few years of his life, and finally into Assam where scientists, field assistants and forest staff are making every endeavor to rehabilitate and repopulate former habitats with hogs.

With odds stacked against both the animal and the people trying to save it, the story shows how various different factors influence the longevity of a species in a country as diverse and fast developing as India; and how despite all odds against it, with genuine passion and sincere efforts, an animal as underrated as the smallest pig in the world can make an incredible comeback.

About the Director: Daniel Craven was born and raised in Jersey, Channel Islands in the United Kingdom, Daniel has been fascinated with India ever since he visited the country as a child. Following on the footsteps of the legendary author and conservationist, Gerald Durrell, Daniel now works for the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust in Jersey- an organization that incorporates Gerald’s conservation ideologies.

Being an ardent fan of Durrell, he has also taken after the latter’s love for species that are small and uncharismatic such as the Pygmy Hog, and it is the former’s life and his story that inspired him to make a film on the subject. To him, in a country as large and complex as India, certain people here have really stood out as pioneers of conservation; and it is their struggle and hard work, along with creating awareness for a species less known and cared for, that Dan has made this film which could possibly rally public opinion in its support.

Crew/Cameraman - Shaz Syed is an accredited wildlife cameraman and filmmaker with experience working with the BBC Natural History Unit, The Energy Resource Institute (TERI) and as a freelancer and photographer on various genres. He also occasionally leads nature walks to educate young members of the society as well as adults about urban wildernesses and animals that live within it. His interest lies primarily in the craft of ethical storytelling by shooting landscapes and the creatures within it – both photos and motion picture, and then to form stories that would not just be visually appealing, but also evoke empathy for the creatures and their respective habitats.

With a keen interest in using his skill to document urban wildernesses, human-animal conflict, and seasonal or permanent changes in landscapes and subsequent adaptation of creatures, the film’s idea struck a chord with him and he went on with Daniel in this adventurous venture and shot the film in both blue-chip and observational styles.

Open for all!

Thanks to Habitat Centre for the collaboration.

Kriti team's 12th Annual Peace Day Festival/ 21 September 2017/ IHC, New Delhi

You are invited to come spend an evening celebrating peace, harmony and citizen solidarity in these troubled times. The evening will have some poetry and films made by young students on the theme of interfaith harmony. 
Come and make a collective pledge 
for peace, justice and comprehensive human security!

a Kriti team and Step Trust curated evening

Please note that the venue is changed to Amaltas at India Habitat Centre for this event.
011-26027845/ 26033088
Facebook page:
Open For All