CONVERSATIONS - COSMIC CONNECTIONS/ Rising Gardens Film Festival 22nd January 2021/ Online

COSMIC CONNECTIONS/ 15-19 JANUARY 2021/ Rising Gardens Film Festival

Rising Gardens Film Festival/ a Kriti Film Club collaboration with One Billion Rising South Asia and Sangat

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Day 4/ South Asian Feminist Film Festival/ 30th November 2020

Day 3/ South Asian Feminist Film Festival/ 29th November 2020

PANEL DISCUSSION: Minority and Queer Narratives/ 28th November 2020/ 3-5 pm

A weekend of South Asian Feminist Cinema begins/ 27th Nov - 30th Nov 2020

South Asian Feminist Film Festival - Website is Live on

Curtain Raiser: SOUTH ASIAN FEMINIST FILM FESTIVAL/ 27-30 November 2020

Curators Note: South Asian Feminist Film Festival/ 27-30 November 2020 (Online edition)