Our Identity
The term ‘Kriti’ is a Hindi word that means ‘creation’. As a team, we aim at providing a creative expression to development thought and action. Our logo symbolises the branches of learning that grow every day, creating spaces for networking ideas and sharing a vision for collective being, seeing and doing. 

Through a cross-cutting analysis of class, caste, gender, religion & region, our vision is to make development theory & practice, holistic, people-oriented & accountable. Our mission is to improve the lives and livelihoods of marginalised women, youth and other members of urban and rural communities, through programme support services; information and networking initiatives; community based interventions; and a variety of outreach and livelihood enhancement efforts.

Based in New Delhi, Mumbai and Dehradun, we are a registered as a Public Charitable Trust that works across the country, in South Asia and parts of the world. Our constituency includes a range of individuals and organisations — from people’s movements to international agencies; women’s groups to trade unions; social development to government organisations, individual activists to media persons, & students to academicians. 

Since our inception in 1999, we have been working as an independent, self-sustaining team of development activists & professionals, with a keen interest in creating an alternative model of organisational and funding practice in the world of social action and civil society operations.

Programme Support
The Kriti team facilitates learning and action for social change through capacity building and communication techniques. We provide expertise in research and documentation; training for development change; design, communication and printing solutions; documentary film making and resistance music compositions, for a grassroots, national and international level constituency. We offer these skills on a variety of issues, including social development, environment, violence, health, labour, education, disability, law and human rights, gender concepts and practice, etc.

Community Programme
The community programme in Dehradun, Uttarakhand (Astitva) and Haryana, provides children, youth and women from marginalised and low income backgrounds an opportunity for education, safety from domestic violence and sexual abuse, decent jobs and livelihood support.

Information and Networking Initiatives
  • Kriti Film Club, an educational screening space for watching thought-provoking cinema, as well as accessing documentary films on a regular basis. Also curating and organising issue and rights based film festivals, offline and online.
  • Kriti Information Place, a space to access and use information/ communication resources on development and human rights.
  • Rightscape, for perspective building, human rights activism & development action, through exposure visits, volunteering, internships, and creative multi-media interactions among the student and performing arts community.
  • Our Diary and Movement Features, a documentation of people’s movements against the denial of, and for the promotion of human rights.
  • Public Education Events, that mark and celebrate socially relevant days, like the Women’s Day, Health Day, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Day, Peace Day, etc. through awareness and mobilisation workshops and activities. The Peace Festival, for example, organised since 2006, on the 21st September marks the International Day of Peace, with performing or visual arts based celebrations, discussions, films, organisational interactions and sharing resources that help redefine peace as not just the absence of war, but a concept of comprehensive human security. The Environment Day festival organised on 5th June since 2008 has been an attempt to inculcate eco friendly thinking and action into the life and work styles of every citizen, through creative, visual and performing art mediums.
Livelihoods Support Programme 
The Gestures initiative is incubated by the Kriti team to promote and support community-made, handcrafted and handloom products; enable producers earn decent livelihoods and consumers choose sustainable and people-friendly life/workstyles. This is an initiative to share ‘a gift’ to the self and others – products for the body, mind and soul - that are eco-friendly and ethically produced across rural & urban landscapes. All the products at Gestures are good quality in terms of raw materials and manufacturing as we want our customers to make a choice in favour of these products.

The ‘Gestures’ products range from stationary to cosmetics, toys to shawls, home d├ęcor to t-shirts, organic foods to jewellery, gifts to art and more. They represent the diversity of producers and users and symbolise the coming together of many ‘gestures’—from Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Odisha, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal. These marginal and low-income communities of women and men, young and old, differently-abled and artisanal are trained in their local crafts and production, and represent what India stands for—a life of caring and sharing. Gestures brings the entire skill set of Indian creativity and handmade production at one place.

Social Action Resources
Print and Audio-Visual Resources across diverse themes....from diverse organisations...diverse film makers, artists, publishers...You are sure to find something that suits your intellectual and emotional interests here...

Documentaries, Books, Posters, Resistance Music et al...Independently made documentaries that tell stories of struggle, of people and places unknown; books and posters that speak the verse of protest and unveil creative imagery on complex subjects; bookmarks, postcards, badges, etc that connect us to movements; music that strings across the core and the periphery of communities and artists, popular and activist…an expanse of subjects like Caste, Communalism, Development, Displacement, Environment, Globalisation, Health; Human Rights, Media, Theatre, Women and more...all available at our Docushop

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Contact Persons:
Founder Leader: Aanchal Kapur
Administrative Coordinator: Lata Chaudhary
Volunteers: Jagriti Singh, Aarti Khare, Saransh Bisht

RZ 3161, Gali no 36, Tughlakabad Extension, New Delhi 110 019
Mumbai: Bandra West, Mumbai 400 050
Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Phone: 9810666692 • Email: space.kriti@gmail.com

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