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The KRITI Film Club has been screening documentary films at least once a month since the year 2000. We screen films on a range of issues connected with development, human rights and social attitudes/ trends. A  neighbourhood film club that showcases films made by amateur and professional filmmakers, for young and old hands, for Indian, South-Asian and international films….it provides a space for brainstorming and sharing on these issues among different others.
An initiative of KRITI: a development praxis and communication team, a not-for-profit entity, based in New Delh with work across India.
The whole idea of the KRITI Film Club is to place thought-provoking cinema in a discussion group that will help to deepen understanding on social and development issues amongst viewers and film-makers. It is an attempt to create a forum where students, activists, academicians, development professionals, media professionals and friends can come together and interact, through meaningful cinema. It also helps increase access of these films to a larger audience beyond film festivals and special screenings, as we keep the films for sale at our workplace after their screening.
Our efforts are also to make it a place of rendezvous and meeting new people, especially the ‘non-converted’. From 2000 until 2010, we screened documentary and socially relevant mainstream films on the third Saturday evening of every month, at our workplace in New Delhi, and since 2010 have been organising monthly screenings at the India Habitat Centre. As far as possible, we invite the film maker to be present at the screening so that the audience interaction is insightful and useful. We plan to re-start the workplace screenings in 2018.
We also organise screenings in schools and colleges of Delhi, curate and organise film screenings on request from development organisations and people’s movements, in solidarity and support for their work. Our film club has and continues to inspire several individuals and organisations to start local neighbourhood film clubs in their communities of work, institutions and cities.
You can see and access documentaries made by independent film makers, documentary producers and development organisations from across India and parts of the world from the KRITI Film Club. We have a collection of over 800 documentaries in our inhouse library and distribute a larger number. The sales of documentaries are done in collaboration with the film makers. We have to thank the independent film makers’ fraternity for sharing and screening their films with us so that we have been able to reach these out to the civil society, students and general public.
Our film club is an independent effort and we don’t take any grants to keep it going. We run the KRITI Film Club on contributions by its diverse users and hope that you will support this effort so that it can be a self-sustaining endeavour. We believe that we are creating a collectively funded space this way! We want to remain such so that we practice what we preach in development action and communication! Support to the KRITI Film Club's gullak (collection box) is always welcome so we can make the screenings even better than they are now! We enjoy running this film club and look forward to expanding its outreach for filmmakers, photographers and viewers.

Come and connect with this space to Watch and Access Films on human rights…development…socially relevant themes.

§  If your are a film maker interested in screening with us or having us disseminate your films in collaboration, write to with the subject “film screening interest”

§  If you would like to join our mailing list and be informed of our screenings write to with the subject: ‘add to Kriti film club list’