Public Education Initiatives

Over the years we have curated, organised and conducted several Public Education Events to raise awareness on development, environment and human rights issues among young and adult citizens of Delhi/ NCR (and some other parts of the country).

We believe that arts is the perfect medium to restore human values and connections in society and this endeavour aims to bring people together for sharing, expressing and celebrating their dreams for a equitous, sustainable, peaceful and just society.

A diverse and eclectic mix of creative mediums (films; storytelling, visual and performing arts - dance, music, theatre, puppetry; stand-up comedy, talks, walks, etc.) and artists are tapped to make these events exciting learning and doing opportunities in themselves and also offer useful takeaways. We also partner with other organisations and institutions to conduct these events for a wider audience and outreach.

The “Eco Festival” on environmental issues and the “Peace Festival” on promoting world peace, have become our hallmark annual events, appreciated and attended by large numbers of people.

The Eco Festival, organised since 2009 on the 5th June World Environment Day aims at creating greater awareness, interest and actions through workshops, film screenings, discussion, performing arts’ shows, so that together we reduce the impact of global warming and protect the environment.
Eco-Festival at American Center, New Delhi (2009, 2010)
Eco-Festival at Alliance Francaise (2011)

The Peace Festival, organised since 2006 on the 21st September marks the International Day of Peace with performing or visual arts based celebrations, discussions, films, organisational interactions and sharing resources that help redefine peace not just as the absence of war but a concept of comprehensive human security.

Smaller festivals and events have and are also organised (as possible) around World Water Day, Earth Day, Wildlife Week, Older Persons day, Mental Health day, Human Rights day, etc.

If venue and resources cannot be generated for real-time events, we continue rolling these initiatives by using social media and celebrating them online with a wide community of friends, supporters, resource people and networks.

If you would like to collaborate in organising any public education initiatives as above, please write to us on

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