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This page is an archive of media coverage of the work done by Kriti team.

"At a time when a majority of cultural content is generated keeping a directed lens towards entertainment and financial profit, Delhi based Kriti Film Club forgoes it all to ensure social development. The brainchild of 19-year old Kriti Team, a Non-Profit Organisation, the Film Club focuses on documentary cinema and social films to fuel the discussion around some of the most pressing concerns of our time, from casteism to climate change. We talk to...

"RAHI's documentary film 'The Little Girls We Were... And The Women We Are' had its all-India premiere at the India Habitat Centre on 17th February, 2018 in collaboration with Kriti Film Club. 180 people attended the screening at Gulmohar Hall which was filled to capacity. The screening was followed by a panel discussion with Anuja Gupta and three of the survivors from the film who took questions from the audience about the issue." (the film has won the Best Educational Film National Award 2018 on 13th April)

"An eclectic group of people gathers to watch a documentary on the Baiga of Madhya Pradesh who were evicted from their homes inside Kanha National Park. Some in the audience are students, others retirees. Some are activists, others simply there to enjoy the movie...

"Membership at these clubs isn’t expensive....and Kriti Film Club has a piggybank where people can put in any amount."

"Kriti Film Club: The club promotes cinema with a conscience"

"An intimate space for watching and discussing documentary films..."

"Kriti Film Club shows documentaries, indie films and socially relevant cinema."

"The idea is to get people to watch documentaries and understand human rights issues. We'd also like the mainstream audience to be able to interact with filmmakers and researchers about these issues...",

"A club dedicated to documentaries that evoke visions of change within their viewers, sounds like just the cup of tea our society needs right now. Not only do they specifically screen socially relevant documentaries, they also welcome independent filmmakers to screen their work, or offer to host a film festival in honor of the same. Besides, what better way to support a social movement, then by getting to the root cause of it through a film? While their focus remains on documentaries, they also attempt to maintain a discussion group so everyone, right from students, to academicians or professionals, can interact.

HG Loves: Their drive to use film as a medium to stir up action and change is inspiring. If you’ve got an idea for a documentary in the pipeline, you should get in touch..."

"We run the club on contributions and through borrowed home equipment." Started in September 2000, it has screened films like Harvesting Hunger by Krishnendu Bose, and Aadha Aasman by Samina Misra..."

"“We should walk an eco-footprint every day. After all, small steps change the world....”

"Dilliwalahs are spoilt for choice when it comes to exciting movie halls, expansive film festivals and eclectic film clubs. If you want to go to the flicks or find out more about Delhi’s favourite film festivals and film clubs, then read on..."

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