A Forest Rights documentary at KRITI FILM CLUB!

2008 screenings begin with the documentary

Dakhal (Reclaimed)
(English/ 61.10 min.)

starting 4.00 pm, on Saturday, 12th January 2008
(followed by a discussion with the film maker!)

S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda
New Delhi 110019
Phone: 26027845/ 26033088
Email: space.kriti@gmail.com

Research & Direction: Deepak Roy
Camera: Raviraj Singh Editor: Tarun Wadwa Coordinator: Ashok Choudhuri
Producer: National Forum of Forest People & Forest Workers (NFFPFW)

About the Film
Historically, the Forest People are at best perceived as sub-humans to be kept in isolation, or as 'primitives' living in remote and backward regions who should be "civilised". None of them have a rational basis. Consequently, the official and popular perception of Forest People is merely that of isolation in forest, tribal dialect, animism, primitive occupation, carnivorous diet, naked or semi-naked, nomadic habits, love, drink and dance. Contrast this with the self-perception of Forest dwellers as casteless, classless and egalitarian in nature, community-based economic systems, symbiotic with nature, democratic according to the demands of the times, accommodative history and people-oriented art and literature.

This film attempts to present the struggles of the tribal and other forest dwellers for their rights over forest resources from a socio-historical point of view.This is especially significant in the context of their recent campaigns to reclaim lost rights of ancestral land in every part of India...their collective battle against the land mafia, forest officials and corrupt local administration...and impending the Forest Rights Bill.

About the Filmmaker
Deepak Roy, a Delhi based independent film maker, has been making films since the past 22 years on various socially relevant issues. So far, he has made 150 documentaries - including, The Lace Makers Of Narsapur, The Path Of A Saint, Beauty Without Cruelty, Rhythm In Stone, The Exceptions & The Rules, etc.. This profession has taken him to remote corners of the Indian subcontinent and other parts of world. He is a five times National Award winner for his documentaries from time to time and some of his documentaries have received critically acclaim internationally. Deepak writes occasionally on serious cinema and other subjects that interest and provokes him. He has written over fifty short stories in Bengali, his mother tongue.

About the Film Club
We offer an informal space for screening documentary & mainstream films as well as slide shows, on a whole range of issues connected with development, human rights & social attitudes/ trends once a month. We also serve as a borrowing & buying space for documentary films. Consistently screening films since 1999 in New Delhi, non-funded and surviving on our audiences' contribution into our 'gullak' (collection box)!

Please call or drop an email of confirmation so we can keep place and kullad wali chai and some eats for you on the 12th!

When you come you can also:
* Pick your copy of a people's movement resource, 'Our Diary 2008'.