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Wearing your politics on your sleeve, literally, doesn’t mean a loss of fashionableness.

Telling the world that you care about artisan groups in Rajasthan by wearing their clothes doesn’t mean a dip in your coolness quotient.

Writing on handmade paper stationery doesn’t mean a loss of poetic prose!

Then why still shop at branded outlets, when you get the same quality and style at GESTURES STALL BY KRITI TEAM from across India in a bid to increase their visibility on the mainstream scene?

We stock eco-friendly, stylish and great quality cotton garments for women and men; wallets and bags; jewellery and other accessories; and much more produced by small, marginalised communities, women’s groups and street children's groups from all over the country.

We are a registered Public Trust and serve as a social development support group for civil society groups and people’s movements. You can also make donations for our work with marginalised communities across India and avail of a 80G exemption!
KRITI: a development research, praxis and communication team
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