Kriti Film Club Screening: 15th March 2008

Bullets and Butterflies
by Sushmit Ghosh
(41 mins/ English)
Saturday, 15th March 2008
starts 4.30 pm

Venue: Kriti team workplace
S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda,
New Delhi 110019
Phone: +91-11-26027845/ 26033088

about the film
A strange couple travel a distance of 1500 kilometers over 7 days – an unprecedented ride that takes them through plains, hills and into mountains; marked by narrow escapes and introspective conversations; breathtaking sights and an uncanny contrast of people. Travellers-turned-cameramen, they shoot the ride on the go, enthusing the film with their refreshingly ingenuous approach to capturing the ride on video. Funny thing is that this strange expedition was never intended to be a film…

Bullets and Butterflies traces the journey of a handicapped street child and a biking enthusiast on a motorcycle - popularly known as a Bullet - as they travel from the bustling cityscape of Delhi to the serene hills of Himachal Pradesh. It is the journey from a promise made during a fleeting conversation to its fulfillment in an unforeseen, bizarrely deep understanding between the odd pair; inadvertently providing an insight on differently-abled people and the hardships of a life lived on the streets.

about the film maker
Sushmit Ghosh is a film student at the Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Millia University in New Delhi and is currently pursuing a Masters course in Mass Communication. He has a keen interest in photography and has worked on various themes with non-governmental organizations. A selection of his photographs became a traveling exhibition that was taken to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and United Kingdom. In his spare time, Sushmit enjoys traveling across the country.
Bullets and Butterflies is his first independent film as a director.

about the Film Club
We offer an interactive space for screening documentary & mainstream films as well as slide shows, on a whole range of issues connected with development, human rights & social attitudes/ trends once a month. You can also borrow and buy over 250 titles of documentaries made by film makers from around the country and parts of the world. Consistently screening films since 1999 in New Delhi, we are a non-funded organisation and the film club has evolved and survived due to the support of film makers and the contributions of its audience to our 'gullak' (collection box)!
Open for all, but do call or email to confirm your space so we can keep enough kullad wali chai and eats for you!

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