Mark the Chernobyl disaster anniversary: a special documentary screening on 26th April: Chernobyl disaster anniversary

invites you to come and watch an award winning film on the Chernobyl solidarity with those who are living in the aftermath of such disasters all over the world including our very own city of Bhopal....

show begins at 7.00 pm
at Jantar Mantar

Chernobyl the invisible thief
(Christoph Boekel / Germany / 2006 / 59min/ English)
April 26th 1986. The day a nightmare scenario became horrific reality: the day reactor block 4 of the Chernobyl atomic power station exploded. Very little information about the true extent of the radioactive contamination managed to find its way out to the public. Filmmaker Christoph Boekel spent many years living and working in the Russian Federation. While researching and filming this project he met numerous victims of the atomic catastrophe. His own wife was one of them and she too, died of cancer. A moving film told from the personal perspective of the director, it is a requiem for the often forgotten victims of the disaster and a caveat against putting blind trust in technological advancement.

Christoph Boekel: Born 1949, film director, author and producer. After studying philosophy and social sciences Boekel graduated from the Munich Television and Film Academy (HFF). In 1978 he founded Baum-Film, with which he has worked ever since as an independent film maker. He was a co-founder and, for two years, a board member of the German Association of Documentary Film Makers (AG DOK). In 1981-1982 he taught at the German Film and Television Academy in Berlin. Since 1987 he has maintained a second place of residence in Moscow, where he has acquired penetrating insights and contacts in various parts of the former Soviet Union. From 1990 to 1995 he had his own production and service enterprise in Moscow. During 2000 and 2001 he was chairman of the Bavarian section of AG DOK. Since 2002 he is chairman of the 'Munich International Documentary Film Festival Association'.

Festivals and awards: Travelled to over 27 festivals across the world. Audience award at the 5th International Film Festival – Human Rights Documentary Days in Ukraine, 2008
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