The Kriti team has been working with marginalized communities over the past decade all over the country, with particular focus on positively changing the lives of women and children. We are a registered Public Trust in New Delhi.

We request support for some community initiatives that we are associated with street children in Delhi and Faridabad and, in Dehradun with women and chilren. Astitva, which is based in Dehradun city is working to create better job opportunities and working conditions for unorganised sector women (domestic, construction, casual workers, other home workers). A creche has been started which serves to be a safe and happy educational, food and play space for the children of women workers who are in most cases the sole bread earners of their family. Support is offered to women across class, in situations of domestic violence or sexual harassment; and basic emergency health care or outreach support. A computer training facility has also been set up for young dropout or school going girls, so that they may have possible job opportunities in the IT sector.

We ask you to donate and help us make these initiatives self-sustainable. Please share any of the following items if you have them to throw or give away. They can be old and used, but we request that they are clean when you give them to us:

  • Toys of all shapes, sizes and types

  • Story and educational books

  • Clothes for different age-groups (girls/ boys; women/ men)

  • Linen (bedsheets, curtains, daris)

  • Footwear

  • Utensils

  • Half-used Stationary (pencils, erasers, crayons, paints, brushes, drawing paper)

  • Newspapers and Magazines

  • One Fridge

  • Any Furniture (tables, chairs, racks, book shelves, etc)

  • Two Computers and printers

  • One small music system/ player

  • One Television and DVD player

We would appreciate if you could arrange to drop off any of these items at our workplace in New Delhi. If you have friends and relatives in Dehradun who’d like to associate with and support this effort, please share their contacts so we can get in touch with them locally.

We look forward to your support!

Kriti team, New Delhi

Phone: 01-26027845/ 26033088