Youth Peace Delegation visits Kriti team

Twenty-five friends from across the border visited the Kriti workplace on 9th May 2008. Amidst them were development workers, teachers and lawyers thrilled to be in India. The afternoon was spent creatively with an introduction and sharing on Kriti team's work and their work in various regions across the border.

A dramatic story reading interaction was led by Charu Shankar and Vikram Badhwar...titled 'Stories for a Culture of Peace' by Martin Auer,
On a tiny planet there once lived some people who were hard working and others who were not so hard working. Then there were a few who were very hard working and a few who were very lazy. In a word - it was just like everywhere else in the universe. Except that the lazy ones and the hard working ones threw everything that they grew - mainly various kinds of carrots - on a pile and then shared everything from the pile. That wasn't the way it was everywhere.....

Following this, we screened the documentary, Bullets and Butterflies, by Sushmit Ghosh (seems to our current favourite film what with its second showing this year at the KRITI FILM CLUB) which was immensely appreciated by the group who joined the discussion with the film maker, who wrote after...
hi, just mailing in to request you - could you please pass one copy of my film to anyone from the pakistani delegation who you think might be keen on showing it to audiences there? i'd be more than happy to share it with them - i was having a conversation with a few of them and they seemed quite keen to show it to others.
overall, another good session at kriti today...have been passing word about kriti to other friends as well so they are keen to hop on board with their films as and when they finish it... best! sushmit

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