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Environment Day greetings to all! This June we’d like to mark the following days on your calendar and please find below a select list of resources available at the Kriti DOCUSHOP related to some of the issues that are marked this month!

4 International Day of Innocent Children and Victims of Aggression.

5 World Environment Day

16 International Day of Solidarity/International Refugee Day

17 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

20 International Day of Action for Women’s Health

26 International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking/ International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

30 Santhal Revolution’s Day


Local Environmental Governance in India

by Lead India

New Delhi, 2007

This publication is a compilation of case studies presented at the National Consultation on “Local Environmental Governance in India: Setting the Agenda” held in New Delhi, India on the 15th and 16th March 2007.

Suggested contribution: Rs.200

Postage charges extra on actuals

Privatisation of Rivers in India

By Arun Kumar Singh/Vikas Adhyayan Kendra

Mumbai, 2004

This book discusses the water sector, driven by the logic of neo liberal paradigm, is increasingly coming under the domain of the market forces. The world water council – made up of the World Bank, the water TNCs and the developmental agencies of the North – through its Water Vision Statement, posits a paradigm shift from water as a “common good” to a “tradable” commodity.

As a natural corollary to this, the water TNCs directly or indirectly, are plotting to control the world’s dwindling water and natural resources by reshaping national policies and reframing national laws and changing institutional structures in Third World countries to ensure their monopoly over the water market.

Suggested contribution: Rs.100

Postage charges extra on actuals

Sharing the Benefits of Biodiversity

By R. V. Anuradha/ Kalpavriksh and International Institute of Environment and Development

Pune, 2000

This book is a part of a series of case studies and theme papers, which documents a number of CBC sites or themes in the region. Across the world, a powerful new trend in the conservation and management of natural resources is where local communities are empowered to manage their surrounds. This could be a self-initiated process by the community or triggered by an NGO, government agency or donor.

The motivation could be biodiversity conservation, livelihood security, water harvesting or others. But whatever the origin and nature and motivation behind the initiative, the trend towards community based conservation and management is clear. This book discusses the Kani- TBGRI deal in Kerala, India.

Suggested contribution: Rs.40

Postage charges extra on actuals

Jal, Jungle aur Jameen: Ho yeh Janata ke aadheen

(Water, forest and land: Owned by the people)(Hindi)

by Ekta Parishad/ KRITI team

New Delhi, 2001

This is a collection of the accounts of ‘padyatra’ (journey on foot) undertaken by various activists for the land-ownership satyagraha. The activists have traveled from Madhya Pradesh to Bihar, Bihar to Orissa on foot, creating history in the struggle for land rights.

Suggested contribution: Rs.25

Postage charges extra on actuals

Hope's Edge

by Frances Moore and Anna Lappe/ Viveka Foundation, New Delhi/ 2005

Hope’s Edge is an international bestseller, in which the writers demolish the common “thought traps” about food and a corporate dictated diet which we helplessly follow. Hope’s Edge is about their travel to five continents and nine countries to discover that there are many out there who are reclaiming their right to growing and eating good food within the context of life affirming values and community.

Contribution: Rs. 295.00

Postage charges extra on actuals

The Citizen’s Guide For Participation in Environmental Decision Making

Ritwick Dutta et al/The Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Office and Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment

Noida, 2006

The Citizen’s Guide is the first in the ‘Environmental Democracy Series” – a series of publications planned on critical environment issues. This is being jointly researched by the Environmental Democracy programme of HESCO and the team of lawyers at LIFE (Legal Initiative for Forest and Environment).

The aim of this series is to provide information which equips communities, citizens and NGOs, among others, in securing justice on environmental issues. Prepared by lawyers and activists, the aim of the Citizen’s Guide is to simplify complex laws in a manner in which the target group is able to make the most use of it and access institutions of justice.

Suggested contribution: Rs.100

Postage charges extra on actuals

Also available is other grey literature , documentary films and communication materials from across development and environment groups.

We are contactable at the following address: KRITI team, S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019 Phone: 011-26027845/ 26033088

Information is Power! We share it, You can access it! - Kriti team


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