Music on the Street @Jantar Mantar, Saturday 14th June

Join the Bhopalis and Unite for Justice!
Delhi raises its voice in Solidarity with music on the street !
June 14 , 4-7 pm, Jantar Mantar, New Delhi

Day-long fast by JNU Students Union!

Artists and bands to perform in Support of Bhopalis on Saturday...Rabbi Shergill, Susmit Bose, Abhay Sharma, Jigri group and others.

If you sing/play music, come and join.

If you are in the media, come and cover the event and take it to the public at large! Or just come without your media cap!!

If you are a resident of this country come and support the Bhopal victims and survivors who are also legitimate citizens of India!

- Nine members enter their 3rd Day Of Indefinite Hunger Strike. Acclaimed writer Indra Sinha and many join them worldwide
- 112 Days on Road, 77 Days At The Dharna-sthal! PM Turns A Blind Eye To Justice. Police turn violent on protestors. 23 long years on the path to justice!

They demand: An Empowered Commission on Bhopal by endorsing the bill proposed by survivors' organizations and committing to introducing it in the Parliament in the monsoon session; committing the funds required to allow the Commission to function for 30 years for medical, economic, social and environmental rehabilitation, and Immediate legal action against Dow Chemicals and Union Carbide. Prime Minister's response to the struggle so far has been vague and tentative, without any genuine effort to meet the demands of an industrial disaster, 23 years old!

Come and join, so that these voices from Bhopal can be heard in Delhi and beyond...

In support,
Delhi Solidarity Group
Please visit for more details on the walk for justice and their everyday struggles or else call Shalini 9891442037; Joe (9868114470); Madhuresh (09818905316); Vijayan (9868165471); Anupriya (9313848225); Aanchal (26027845)