August greetings from Kriti DOCUSHOP

Dear Friends
A month of remembrance and freedom, we mark this August 2008 with the following days on our calenders:
6 Hiroshima day
9 Nagasaki/ International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
15 Indian Independence Day
30 International Day for Disappeared Persons opportunity for us to share a selected list of books and films available for you to access from the Kriti DOCUSHOP. Several other titles available for reference and purchase as well. Do call or write to us for details.

Voices of Sanity- Reaching out for Peace
By Kamba Bhasin, Smite Kothari, Bindia Thapar/ Lokayan & Rainbow/ New Delhi/ 2001
Contribution: Rs.125.00
The book presents a diversity of voices encompassing a myriad of written expressions, analysis and emotion. These voices rage from Eduardo Galeano and Susan Sontang, to the reflections of Edward Siad and Suheir Hammad; from the statements of activists who have been at the forefront of struggle against developmental destructions and the nuclearisation and their societies to those who have experienced life in the trenches of conflict; from celebrated journalists like John Pilger and Praful Bidwai to Robert Fisk and Traiq Ali; from Fidel Castro to Jose Rmaos-Hosta’ and from so many friends all over the world grappling to come to term with the violence of September 11 and its aftermath.

Defeated Innocence
By Rahul Ramagundam/ Grass Roots India Publications/ New Delhi/2001
Contribution: Rs.299.00
This book is a narrative that interlaces instructive facts on a struggle for land reforms with inspiring profiles of members of the Ekta Parishad and delightful and evocative visuals of India’s most interior regions. The saga of a social movement is rendered here with passion, commitment and conviction.

Gift for India
By Sahmat/ New Delhi/ 1997
Contribution: 500.00
This is a collection of an exhibition that is part of a series marking historical moments in the life of the nation, but it works like something of a gesture. Cherishable works!!!
Indian People in the Struggle for Freedom
By Sahmat/ New Delhi/ 1998
Contribution: Rs. 70.00
This book has a collection of five essays on the Indian freedom struggle since 1857. Essays written by Irfan Habib, K.N. Panikkar and Amit Kumar Gupta are much detailed and immensely dramatic.

Duniya Sabki (Hindi)
Poems by Safdar Hashmi/ Safdar Hashmi Memorial Trust /New Delhi/ 2006
Contribution: Rs. 50.00
A collection of poems by Safdar Hashmi with pictures by Bindya Thapar makes this a very interesting gift for children this Independence day!

Nationalism without a Nation in
By Aloysius/ Oxford University Press/ New Delhi/ 2008
Contribution: Rs. 295.00
This is a sociological interpretation of modern history and also a hard hitting critique historiography as well as the Indian national movement. Aloysuis evaluates anti-caste, non-Brahmin and other socio-religious movements in a new light and seeks a place the within mainstream history.

Symposium on the Unification of NAGA Areas
A report by NPMHR/ New Delhi/ 2005
Contribution: Rs. 30.00
This book is written in three sessions with the sole aim that unification of all Naga areas is a must for political settlement and upliftment of Naga people.

Documentary Films

Ek Khubusarat Jahaz
By Gauhar Raza/ 19 Min/ Eng
Contribution (VCD): Students – Rs. 60.00 Individuals/ Organizations – Rs. 60.00
This film tells about the forty lakh of life forms that exist on this planet we live in. In the past few million years they have all boarded the planet one by one. The film was made after India and Pakistan conducted the nuclear tests. It deals at length about the Hiroshima and Nagasaki massacre along with scientific information.

Living in fear
By K.P. Sasi/ 34 mins/ English
Contribution (VCD) - Individuals – Rs.250.00 Organizations – Rs.500.00
A documentary on the radiation hazards caused by the Indian Rare Earths Ltd., an undertaking of the Department of Atomic Energy, in its efforts to produce thorium a fuel for the fast breeder technology in India.

Buddha Weeps in Jadugoda
By Shri Prakash/ 55 mins/ English
Contribution (VCD): Rs. 1000.00
Tragedy playing havoc with the lives of tribals of judged, as a result of uranium mining which leads to excessive radiation causing slow death.

Gadia Lohar
By Meenakshi Vinay Rai/ 25 mins/ English
Contribution (VCD): Rs.500.00
This film explores the phoenix like strength, amazing culture, humane traditions and unassuming life skills of nomads. The series traces rare cultural insights into lives of Gadiya Lohars.

The Bitter Drink
By Saratchandran/ 31mins / English
Contribution: VCD – Students: Rs.200.00 Indivs: Rs.300.00 Orgns: Rs.500.00
DVD – Students: Rs.500.00 Indivs – Rs.600.00 Orgns – Rs.1000.00
This film documents the formative days of a David and Goliath battle, when the people of Plachimada, a majority of them tribals, launched a struggle against one of the most powerful corporate in the world - the Coca Cola Company.

The Lake of Despair
By Snehasis Das/ 31 mins/ English
Contribution: DVD –Individuals – Rs.500.00 Organizations – Rs.1000.00
Shikaras (House Boats) have lost their glory and the owners of houseboats have been suffering for the last 15 years because of militancy of Kashmir. Transit inflow has trickled down because of the terrorist activity in Kashmir. Above all, the environmental degradation of lakes and rivers in Kashmir is alarming. Lakes are shrinking because of encroachments. Giving special focus to the community of the Hanjees, the film looks at a few characters and how they sustained their livelihood during a troubled span of 15 years. Taking their example, the film tries to portray the present state of Kashmir.

Kanavu Malayi Lekha (To the Dream Mountain)
By M S Sasi/ 45 mins/ Local Language with English Subtitles
Contribution: VCD – Students/Indivs: Rs.250.00 Orgns: Rs.250.00
DVD – Students: Rs.500.00 Indivs – Rs.600.00 Orgns – Rs.1000.00
A film re-asserting tribal identity and imparting a sense self worth and dignity to the tribal children through unique educational process. Kanavu is the base camp, where a group of tribal children prepare to scale the mountain of their dreams.

In The Forest Hangs a Bridge
By Sanjay Kak/ 40min 2sec/ English/ 1999
Contribution: VCD –Indivs: Rs.400.00 Orgns: Rs.700.00
DVD –Indivs – Rs.500.00 Orgns – Rs.750.00
For one week in the year, the people of Damro village, in the Siang Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, gather to build a suspension bridge. This thousand foot long construction of cane and bamboo is the stunning signature of the Adi tribe who inhabit these forested hills. The film is an account of the construction of the bridge, an evocation of the tribal community that makes it possible, and a reflection on the strength -and fragility- of the idea of community.

Indigenous People Shot Dead for Development
By Sarasi Das, Surya Shankar Dash/ 1 minute/English
The film is an artists’ reaction to the attempts by the Tatas & Birlas to paint a pretty picture in the city of Bhubaneswar while the rest of Orissa is turning into a dangerous battleground between companies and tribals over rights and resources. The film was produced by London based art group Moti Roti as part of their 60X60 project.

The Lament of Niyamraja - a dongria kond song
By Surya Shankar Dash/ 13 min
Shaman, healer, bard, druid, & farmer all rolled into one, Dambu Praska sings the soul stirring song of the sacred mountain of Niyamgiri in Orissa. The film captures some moments from this paradise which is yet to be lost to the attempts of Vedanta, an aluminium company which wanting to undertake mining on the top of Niyamgiri.

Niyamgiri-The Mountain of Law
By Samadrusti TV and Surya Shankar Dash/ 100 min
This film captures the natural preserve, the interdependence between people & nature, wrath of Vedanta refinery, peoples' resistance all weaved together to present a comprehensive view of the issue, case and reality.

Jashne Azadi
By Sanjay kak/ 138 mins/ Kashmiri, Urdu, English (with English subtitles)
Contribution: DVD - Individuals – Rs. 500.00 Organisations – Rs. 1200.00
It's 15th August, India's Independence day, and the Indian flag ritually goes up at Lal Chowk in the heart of Srinagar, Kashmir. The normally bustling square is eerily empty – a handful of soldiers on parade, some more guarding them, and except for the attendant media crews, no Kashmiris. For more than a decade, such sullen acts of protest have marked 15th August in Kashmir, and this is the point from where Jashn-e-Azadi begins to explore the many meanings of Freedom–of Azadi–in Kashmir.

By Atul Gupta and Shabnam Ara/ 39.39 mins/ Hindi/ Kashmiri with English subtitles
Contribution: VCD – Indivs: – Rs. 250.00 Orgns – Rs. 250.00
A film on the half-widows of Kashmir, Women whose husbands and children are missing.

A Time to Rise
By Anand Patwardhan/ 40 mins/ English
Contribution: DVD - Individuals – Rs. 400.00 Organisations – Rs. 1200.00
On April 6, 1980, the Canadian farmworkers Union was born. The film documents the conditions amongst Indian immigrant workers in British Columbia and the response of growers and labor contractors to the threat of unionization. Made over a period of two years, the film is eloquent testimony to the progress of the workers movement.

By Meenakshi Vinay Rai/ 31mins/ English
Contribution: VCD -Rs. 500.00
This film explores the phoenix like strength, amazing culture, humane traditions and unassuming life skills of nomads. The series traces rare cultural insights into lives of Bhopas.

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