KRITI FILM CLUB screenings: September 2008

a month with 3 documentary different venues in delhi!

Thursday, 11th September, 2.30 pm:
Niyamgiri, Mountain of Law
(100 mins/ Local language with English sub-titles/ 2008)
by Samadrusti TV and Surya Shankar Dash
at the Faculty of Political Science, Delhi University
This film captures the natural preserve, the interdependence between people & nature, wrath of Vedanta refinery, peoples' resistance all weaved together to present a comprehensive view of the issue, case and reality.
(some members of Delhi Solidarity Group will participate for facilitating discussion/ confirmations requested)

Tuesday, 16th September, 5.30 pm:
Punches n Ponytails, a film on women boxing in India
(74 min/ English/ 2008)
by pankaj rishi kumar
at the Kriti workplace, S-35 tara apartments, new delhi 19
The film is a journey into the sweet science of boxing being practiced by two Indian women. Using cinema verité style and shot over a period of two and half years, the film articulates the boxer's concerns and share experiences and ideas about their future.
(film maker will attend/ confirmations requested as space is limited)

24th September, 2.30 pm:
Tales from the Margins
(24 mins/ English)
by Kavita Joshi
at the Faculty of Political Science, Delhi University
The film travels to aforgotten, strife-torn corner of India to document the extraordinary protests of Manipuri women as they fight for justice for their people.
(film maker will attend/ confirmations requested)

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