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A collective at the Kriti team..of young people, volunteering with us, sporadically or long-term.... We share here their different experiences through different types of engagement with our events and work...this post will be updated regularly!

Working with Kriti team (this summer) was a rewarding experience. To my pleasant surprise, none of my predictions came true as the work atmosphere was really friendly. It made me feel independent and sort of like an adult as i was allowed to do everything on my own. It taught me how to be responsible, how to interact with my coworkers and also learn punctuality. I will never forget my first job experience. It will always be a big part of me maturing and becoming a young adult.
My first day at the internship was 21st April, 2016. I remember coming before time being nervous thinking about what all i have to do. I glanced around and saw my expression was mirrored in my coworkers’ faces. Aanchal ma’am gave me a warm welcome and introduced me to the coworkers and i was clearly explained what i had to do. I remember leaving with a smile on my face, happy that i landed in a great NGO.
After all this i was asked to handle the inventory of Kriti Film Club which tested my patience level and finally taught me how to be patient while doing other things. Other than that i was asked to find ways to upcycle solar products which gave me a wide view point and taught me how to make creative things out of scrap.
All in all my internship taught me many beneficial things. To have an open mind and being willing to work in every type of working environment and to be willing to adapt to fit in a new workplace and always be respectful to not only my employer but also the coworkers. I am looking forward to taking what i have learned and applying it in my life.
Piyush Sharma, BA LLB, Symbiosis, Pune (May 2016)

The Peace Festival (20-22 Sept'08) was a very special experience for me and it felt great being a part of it. All the events were unique and profound in their own way be it the panel discussion or the music concerts. The panel discussion on the 1st day was very insightful and thought provoking. It triggered several reflections on the state of affairs in the different regions of the country and common man’s understanding and struggle for peace.
To choose music as the medium of deliberating on peace was the best part of the entire show. Susmit Bose’s performance on the 2nd day was very heart warming and delightful and the music by Rashid Ansari & troupe on the 3rd day was simply soul stirring. Both the performances were very different and a novel experience for me.
It was definitely a very well crafted show & I personally feel that such small but constructive efforts must always go on. These events surely play a role in upgrading the society to a higher level & sowing the seeds of peace and harmony.
Big Cheers to the entire Kriti team and hope to be a part of many more such events.
Gagandeep Singh, New Delhi

........rummaging in the ashes, damped with tears which rolled in memoirs and humming at the same low note which was once taught on the way back home by her father. All that time is mixed with ashes, that hold little meaning.. peace , one of the words which is most sought after , probably the reason why people have found different ways to be in that mode. that is what we the members of the kriti team had put up - peace and conflict.

my experience of those three days varied with each event. i had always thought that a judge at court has the supreme authority to take decisions, then y not set things? my answers had vanished during the course of the discussion. how peace varies across the borders of our nation and how alienated we are from each other. the second day was a day to spread the word but susmit bose's way. he had 'certain thoughts' while 'walking talking contradiction' with a ' friend of a friend of mine' , 'late afternon'. he talked of 'the river of life' , ' cocktail party' and red ribbion express. the last and the final day was a performance by raseed ansari and troup which expressed it's own way of peace through music and dance. this was totally new and sensational.
Sanjay Kumar Pandit

....I first heard about the Kriti team through a friend a few months back, and I found myself instantly attracted to this concept of social contribution that was very new to me.

One of the fundamental characteristics of any successful modern egalitarian society is its ability to gather and use information and knowledge to its benefit to strengthen its institutions. The Kriti team’s contribution in this regard is remarkable. Being an independent organization, biases naturally vanish, further strengthening its standing and purpose. The Kriti Film Club has had particular appeal to me as I have been fascinated by the world of film making ever since I was a little boy, and my thirst for good films has not been quenched by mainstream cinema which chooses to be increasingly irrelevant. In the past two months, I have been able to attend and volunteer for two events organized and co-organized by the Kriti team.

One was the Jeevika Film Festival organized by the Center for Civil Society between 28th and 31st of August 2008 at the India Habitat Center. This was my first attempt at volunteering for anything more than stepping off an overcrowded elevator. And it was great! I had the opportunity to meet and interact with some very talented filmmakers. Among others, I had the opportunity to have a few words with Sourav Dey, director of, “The Last Hoarding Painter”, and Nishtha Jain, director of, “Lakshmi and Me”. The films in general dealt with issues that have been lost in the maze of popular culture. This was indeed a learning and responsibility inculcating experience for me, all while volunteering at the Kriti stall with other volunteers, whose energy and vigor were infectious.

The only other event I have been able to attend and volunteer at was the “Interpretations of Peace and Conflict” concerts on 21st and 22nd September 2008 at the India Habitat Center. I was fortunate to witness an art form I never knew existed- dramatized poetry recitation. The performance was poignant and elegant, to say the least. The music concert by Sushmit Bose was exceptional and took me into a world I so far have only been able to imagine while listening to my favorite 60’s and 70’s artists. It made me feel like I was a part of the peace-loving-hippie-anti-war movement of the 70’s. My friend and fellow volunteer Sanjay correctly pointed out, “There’s just way too much goodness in the concert hall right now!” Watching Aanchal, the Kriti team leader work enthused a lot of energy into us volunteers and made my admiration for her only grow. The event was a success and I felt great to be a part of it. The experience was nothing short of elevating.I look forward to further my services to the Kriti team, and hopefully broaden my horizons in the process.
In anticipation of the epistolary,
Siddharth Singh [PGDAV College, University of Delhi]

...........Being a part of the Kriti Team surely helped me gain an insight into working in teams and make great friends! We were involved in exploring the topic 'Peace and Conflict' and how it matters to the people who are affected by it.

The 3 day festival included documentaries', panel discussion with experts, musical and dance performances. In particular, the discussion really helped me in understanding the topic. For instance, the panelists argued on how people affected by Conflicts of not just war, are still struggling with what happened to them and their sufferings will continue till they are provided with justice . I feel this was an interesting take on this issue and agree that it is really hard to for someone to forget about something that is of such great magnitude in your life. The best part about the program was that I got to meet so many volunteers who came from difference backgrounds. My interaction with them helped me get a different perspective on things and I would definitely love to be a part of similar events that will be organized in the future.
Yasna Sarna

.............In commemoration of the International Peace Day, we at Kriti celebrated the Peace Day in the most meaningful manner. “Interpretations of Peace and Conflict”, a three day annual peace festival, at the India Habitat Centre, between the 20th and 22nd September,’08, was an event which made me sense peace in the most profound way. We often utter and hear words like peace, harmony, brotherhood etc., but I wonder how often we really mean them. Being a part of the three day peace festival organized by the Kriti team was, in a way, experiencing peace. Working as a team to organize an event has always been fun, but this time it was more than just that. Every errand or a responsibility that we carried out to organize the peace festival reminded me of the great cause of spreading the message of peace I’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of.

Peace knows no boundaries. Celebrating the international peace day at the American School in New Delhi, we, too, were present in the Peace mela on the 20th September,’08, observing what the world is in a dire need of. It was one of a kind of experience I’d had in a long time.

‘Manufacturing Peace’, the Panel discussion later that day at the Habitat Centre was one of the intellectual kinds. To hear some of the most eminent scholars and activists was an opportunity to feed my understanding of peace with broader perspectives. Peace is not a commodity one can buy and have with him. Peace is a concept, an understanding and way of life, which shall pave way to a harmonious society devoid of the feelings of hatred and envy. The second day of the Peace festival witnessed wonderful performances by Charu Shankar in the dramatized poetry reading and Sushmit Bose, who had the audience tapping their feet to his songs, played on acoustic. The peace revelry could not have gotten better than this. The final day had on the cards one of the most breathtaking performances by Rashid Ansari and troupe, who presented an ensemble performance with dance movements, sword demonstrations and music, all of which took me by sheer flabbergast.

Overall, the experience of the Peace Festival was like never before. It was for the first time ever that I celebrated peace and I realized that something as essential as peace ought to be celebrated every single moment. The festival has further inspired me to combat the tumultuous situation and contribute in establishing peace because the efforts of each one of us shall count.
Alok Raj Gupta, Third Year, B.A. (HONS.) ECONOMICS (P.G.D.A.V. college, University of Delhi)

......The Peace festival was really an eye opener because atleast i never thought about peace so seriously before and yes ofcourse it was a lot of fun.I enjoyed a lot and learnt a lot from this new experience.It also gave me an insight into how an organisation without depending on anybody manages its costs. I take this oppurtunity to congratulate the whole team for the show's success and immensly thank you for considering me a part of the Kriti team. It was a pleasure talking to and working with each n every member and volunteer present there. I thank my stars for giving me this oppurtunity. I'LL BE LOOKING FORWARD TO BE A PART OF THE KRITI TEAM AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.
Girija Sharma

.......Being at Kriti, was really an amazing experience for me. I always wanted to work with an NGO as a part of helping the society and to be true also for my phoography to get famous among the masses. Thanks to Karan I came in touch with Kriti. But first time I came to Kriti was only as a documentary viewer and no more than that, but after the interactions and environment I was in, I couldnt resist myself to be a part of Kriti. Another thing I wanna talk about is Jeevika Film festival. Truly amazing experience to be there as a part of Kriti. Enjoyed a lot of documentaries and also the commercial part of it, selling Kriti stuff. Got an opportunity to interact with so many people, so many new and upcoming directors, many viewers, overall a very good experience. My bad luck that I had to come to Bangalore now, but as of now also Im a part of Kriti....
Rajat Bhushan

............The first day with kriti was very memorable not only because it was my first encounter an NGO but also my first work experience of work. The day just seemed to be perfect- light drizzles blessed with sunlight. It was the day for the 'traitor' and my first ever play. I wouldn't know how a play is staged but that is how I liked it. Traitor was about a British and Indian. Amazing lighting, acting and pronunciation. I experienced a presence of a good leader and her work under pressure.A good on the job experience for me. If the play was not enough to touch hearts then the second day would have hit the bull's eye. It was on 'acquisition of land' by various corporate world. The worst part of was that no one is stopping them. Even the constitution seems to be just written document and not a force for people. The swollen eyes and outraging retaliation seemed like a pin drop to the government's ears. Nothing has worked on the centre seems like economy outweighs the affects of ecology.
Sanjay Kumar Pandit

...........“Traitors”, a play by Tripurari Sharma, is one of the few loudly plays I’ve seen in recent times. Set against the backdrop of 1857, Traitors brings to life British and Indian characters as they come to terms with the repercussions of the event almost seventeen years ago. Pretty decent execution of characters and framing two different time frames was well rehearsed, and very intelligently put together. Writing about the play and not mentioning the classical, a little folk touch music, sung by the very vivacious swaroopa ghosh, melts in the whole play beautifully and is wroth applauding for. Performances were just near perfection, whether it’s the main lead Ayesha mago as Stella, bold and beautiful or the impactful Ooron Das as Ali Khan, Stella’s lover, were quite natural and believable. The fine mix of culture and time is portrayed with just the right need and push. The foreign actor Brain Martin as Edward looked like Richard Branson’s brother, but seems extremely professional as an actor and performer. Not to forget Ashish Paliwal as Abdel, the preist, who didn’t skip any lines of the long dialogues given to him?. Swaroopa Ghosh, as gulabo, village women; she had a comedy timing more perfect than Jim Carey, and she’s is the blending and binding element in the play. The play has indeed many moments where one is embarrassingly laughing or may be just laughing on those extraordinary one-liners (all just so against men, irony on men as they being the biggest fools on earth…haa…) and thus it puts you in just the right mood after those long dialogue sequences.

1 hour 40 min long play had the best of the climax scene written and performed with such perfection by Happy has Hari, that it holds you on to the chair right till the end. On the other hand, Stella’s frustration on loosing, gaining, remembering her past and present is shown quite ethically and puts you in a mode to think and grief about. “Traitors”, shows women caught in the dilemma of duty and love always proving and backing her father’s soul and beliefs. Correctly headed title “traitors’ was one of the play I’d love to see again for all reasons; from music to comedy to drama and everything it had. Hope this play goes places.
Karan Kapoor, Kriti team volunteer, August 2008 (Statistics student, Delhi University)


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