Expressions memory and solidarity, 1984-2008

Dear friends,
2nd December 1984 midnight....the people and streets of Bhopal were struck by the gas leak disaster from the Union Carbide factory. There were victims, there were survivors, there was pain and there was sorrow.... Twenty four years later, there is memory, there is survival, there are many stories to tell. So lets share the solidarity, the movement, the victories, the hopes and the ways forward, so that we can remember what has been and cherish what we have together in struggle achieved.

We invite poems, paintings, photographs, film reels, articles, experiences in prose, that reflects your support to the Bhopalis but also your participation
....if you've been to the site of the tragedy, if you've not; .... if you've been at dharnas, if you've not; ...if you've thought or pondering but not ever expressed....

Its often said that there are many other Bhopals simmering around. We invite you to share voices and images from other parts of the country as well. On this first tuesday of December 2008 (2nd Dec), we hope to exhibit these different expressions and knit them together to strengthen our collective struggles while marking one that's close to 25 years!

We invite you to volunteer to sing, to dance, to read poetry, to paint, to act and to just be part of this celebration...lets make it happen together!

Since the date is around the corner can we request for your entries to reach us by 28th November 2008. If you can't make it to this deadline bring it to the event but do contact us to confirm your participation asap. We will share details of the venue and timings for the event soon.

warm wishes
Shalini Sharma (9891442037)
International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal
And, Bipin Kumar (09868280198), Aanchal Kapur (26027845)
Delhi Solidarity Group