Kriti DOCUSHOP resources: November 2008

Dear Friends
A month for compassion, rights and solidarity, this November 2008 is marked specially with the following days:
1 Anti Poverty Day
14 National Children's Day
16 International Day for Tolerance
20 Universal Children's Day
21 World Fisheries Day
25 International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women
29 International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

We share with you some book and film titles that you can order from us (postage costs would be extra), and ask you to tap our Information Place and Film Club for over 500 other titles.


Your money [or] Our life
By Eric Toussaint
Contribution: Rs. 250.00

Globalization brings growth, think again. Debt- engineered by the IMF and the world bank- sucks countries dry. In the last decade neoliberal policies have created debt and global impoverishment on a massive scale.

Women and Law in colonial India
By Janaki Nair
Contribution: Rs. 220.00

A concern for the position of women in law has a long history in India. This book examines some of the ways in which transformations through legislation actually took place during the colonial period. It considers some of the interests that underlay the impulse fro legislative reforms, whether the demand came from the colonial state or the emerging modern Indian intelligentsia. The author also examines the effectiveness of such legislations in improving the status of women in India.

Right to Food
By Dr.N.C Saxena, Harsh Mander, Biraj Patnaik, Dipa Sinha
Contribution: Rs. 400.00

There is no doubt that if the national press had not taken up the issue in the manner in which it did; had the right to food campaign not been galvanized into action; and had the supreme court not intervened by passing splendid orders, then the Government of India would have closed down the public distribution in the country. This book looks at the whole episode of the Right to food act and the role played by different NGOs in attaining the rights.

Documentary Films

When Women Unite: The story of an Uprising
By Shabnam Virmani/80min/English
Contribution (DVD): Students/Indivs/ Orgns - Rs. 450.00

This film is about the anti liquor agitation of Andhra Pradesh. It is an account of true events derived from the testimonies of women of 22 villages In Nellore district. It recreates through drama, the emotional intensity and tensions of the struggle from the perspective of one of its participants-Kotamma.

By Vishesh Mankal/24 min 39 sec/English subtitled
Contribution (DVD): Students- Rs.100.00
Orgns- Rs.150.00

Seven students are being interviewed in relation to a classmate of theirs, Mayur, whom they all hate for various reasons. Well, much to their dismay, Mayur has gotten the highest marks in the yearly examinations. Through the course of these interviews, this film explores not only their various relationships with Mayur, but travels through the valley of their inner most selves, revealing things that perhaps even the characters themselves did not know. Through the course of the film, the characters tell us their deepest secrets, desires and lay bare for us their inner most selves. "Peacock" is a comedy at heart that sometimes borders on the experimental. It is essentially a tribute to college life as it is in India.

Fishing: In the sea of Greed
By Anand Patwardhan/40min/English
Contribution (DVD): Rs.400.00 (indivs) Rs.1200.00 (institutions)
(foreign buyers may please get in touch for appropriate details)

A film on the fisher people's fight against huge foreign factory ships that deplete the seas and against shrimp aquaculture that destroys coastal lands. Led by National Fishworkers Forum (NFF) fisher people in various parts of India unite to throw out multinational factory ships. But the crisis in the fisheries is global and must become the fight of the fisher people of the world.

I sing therefore I am
By Subrat Kumar sahu/ 18 min 40sec/ English Subtitled
Contribution (DVD): Rs.250.00

I sing therefore I am! Is a humble assertion by Pabitra Kumbhar- a blind singer- of his identity as an artist, nothing other than that. An able bread winner for a family of six members, he suggests to those who can see to look at the world through the mind's vision and not through gifted senses. Not having to see a world full of bad vices is a bliss, he says.

Adha Asman
By Samina Mishra/ 32 min/ English subtitled
Contribution (DVD): Rs. 1000.00

Heera Deepa, Susheela and the other women of Adha Asman spend their lives working in the fields, cutting grass, tending cattle, supporting their families. At the very least these women contribute as much as men to the sustenance of their families and the economy of their villages. But their labour is rarely recognized as work. The reason is as inescapable as simple- they are women. And so, they never stop working even when they are sick, and never have their sickness taken care of till the work begins to suffer.Shot in Almora and Sitapur districts of Uttar Pradesh, this is a film about the attitudes that deny women their share of healthcare.

Uska Aana-Vanishing Daughters
By Anwar Jamal/ 35 min/ English Subtitled
Contribution (DVD): Rs. 600.00
(CD): Rs. 250.00
This film is on the growing issue of gender differences that we see in our society right now. It is intended to focus not on the intellectual dimensions of the problem, but to jolt the conscience of civil society. To address a ruthless and cynical section of the population with a longstanding tradition of preference for sons is a daunting task. We are convinced however that the film needed to be made and shown as widely as possible. Some of the characters in the film are played by well-known alumni of the National School of Drama.

Teesra Raasta-Vanishing Daughters
By Anwar Jamal/ English Subtitled
Contributions (DVD): Rs. 600.00
(CD): Rs. 250.00
Dowry reflects the continuing devaluation of the girl child and women. Even as we project a modern India, the extortion, demands and expectations from the girl's family at marriage continue, as do the ever increasing dowry deaths. Age-old preference, consumerism, greed and the breakdown of values has caused the spread of dowry to all sections of society as also the heinous crime of female foeticide.

ALSO PRE-BOOK 'Our Diary 2009'
By Kriti team
Size: 4.5" x 6" size
Contribution: Rs.135.00
In its 10th edition, the diary documents people's movements while providing 365 spaces for notes and appointments; readings and references; contacts of movement groups and resource centres; a movement map of India, a detachable wall planner for the year and a bookmark to
go along.

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