Kriti Docushop Mailer - February 2009

Dear Friends,
Greetings in the Lunar Year month of February 2009.

Several events mark the month for the Kriti team, participating at the India Week (upto 6th Feb) in the American School; at the Wildscreen Film Festival (9-10th Feb) in the British Council; at the Tiger Fest (11th Feb) in the Sri Ram School, Vasant Kunj; during Nostalgia (14th Feb) at the Lady Sriram College for Women, a film screening at Satyawati College (19th Feb) and more…Do join us and these events wherever you can!

Do also visit us for your gift shopping of eco-friendly and community made products at the Gestures stall by Kriti team…you will be surprised and happy at the collection we have!

We continue support and solidarity at people’s movement processes, attend lectures and seminars and share useful information/ communication resources…as in this Kriti Docushop mailer. If you have not yet got yourself an interesting and useful planner for 2009, check out the collection available with us.

Diaries and Planners for 2009

By Kriti team

In this tenth edition of the diary, we have documented people's movements for a free Tibet, Bhutan and Burma apart from carrying news and updates from the Bhopal Gas tragedy survivors; the Narmada valley; the 'disappeared' in Kashmir; Niyamgiri and Jagatsinghpur struggles against mining; Singur and Nandigram protests against takeover by companies; anti-coke struggles and land rights voices from Chengara; campaign for the release of Dr Binayak Sen and more...We have also included a selection of books and films on movements, a Movement Map of India, contacts of movement groups & resource centres, references, a wall planner, bookmark and spaces for appointments and notes. All this in a compact 4.5" x 6.5" size.

No More Bhopals - Calendar
By International Campaign for justice in Bhopal

This calendar reminds us about one of the greatest disaster that is the BHOPAL GAS TRAGEDY that took place 25 years ago and also include the dates that when and what Bhopal survivors has done further against this disaster.

Social Movements Calender
By Intercultural Resources

This is a new resource that presents images and information marking several important social movement days. Would be a great wall companion with the Kriti team’s ‘Our Diary 2009’

Insaan Hain Hum – Calendar
By Loknaad- People’s Expression Forum

This wall calendar is a compilation of Peace Expressions, poetry and slogans. Simple and beautiful brought out by Vinay and Charul

Narmada Bachao Aandolan Calendar

This wall calendar summarises and documents the struggles of people affected by the construction of dams in the Narmada River Valley…with images and dates to mark the year ahead!


Swept off the Map: Surviving Eviction and Resettlement in Delhi
By Kalyani Menon-Sen and Gautam Bhan

Eviction being used as a purification ritual by an administration which wants to present a squeaky clean image of the Capital is the sum and substance of Swept off the Map: Surviving Eviction and Resettlement in Delhi. This book is speaking for the voiceless multitudes who lived in the Yamuna Pushta slums and similar dwellers elsewhere. Product of a two-year-long research on the price that the hapless residents of Yamuna Pushta had to pay to turn Delhi into a “world class city”, there can be no doubting their plight and this book details their crisis. Questioning the rehabilitation policy, it shows how the resettlement sites are no more than dumping grounds with practically no civic amenities.

New Publications around Climate Change, Sustainable Development and more also available...


Ayodhya Gatha
by Vani Subramanian (60min, English)

The film weaves together a tapestry of perspectives on how deeply the politics of hate affect personal everyday lives, and what it takes to negotiate your way out of these labyrinths.

Several new titles on Environment, Wildlife, Climate Change also available!

From this mailer we also share some new additions into the Kriti Film Club...

Voices from the Forest-India
by Rita Banerjee (32 min, English, 2007)
All across India, Non-timber Forest Produce (NTFP) spell a critical source of income for indigenous peoples and forest dwelling communities. Not only do the NTFPs pay a crucial role in the livelihood of these people, NTFPs are woven into the social and cultural fabric of these communities living in India.

The Unreal Reality
by Syed Amjad Ali (16min, English, 2008)
The film is an engaging and informative documentary that is specific to a mental illness called Schizophrenia. It captures and demonstrates the difficulties about the illness, and is meant to create awareness about it in the society and help people understand the devastating nature of the illness.

The World according to Monsanto
By Marie-Monique Robin (68min, English, 2008)
Documents the devastating impact of Monsanto's malpractices around the world. Among others, it includes the real-life stories of cotton farmers in India that ended up in hopeless debts after using Monsanto genetically engineered (so called Bt) cotton, and of a family in Paraguay, South America whose dreams have turned to nightmares after their farm became surrounded by fields planted with Monsanto’s GE soya.

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Note: This mailer has been put together with the support of Esha Gupta and Arun Mohan, Kriti team volunteers.