Kriti team's 10 year celebrations begin, 6-7 March 2009

Its 10 years since the Kriti team came into being...

a time to reflect

a time to remember

a time to re-energise

a time to re-organise

a time to rejoice!

We start our 10th year celebrations with the International Women’s Day weekend, as its an important day for many of us associated with the Kriti team. We invite you to join us on this occasion with family and friends, hoping that you will enjoy the evening.

We plan for this year to unfold several special moments and memories once more. After all, it marks the completion of our first decade (yes, we hope to complete a few more!) as a team committed to development thought and action, through creative expressions, capacity building, information sharing and networking.

We hope to celebrate other important movement days this year, with similar weekends, as part of our 10 Year events!


6th March, 7.30 pm @Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, ND-3

Assorted Impressions - an evening of contemporary dance

by four Women Contemporary Choreographers (and a discussion post-performance)

7th March, 5.30 pm @Kriti team workplace, S-35 Tara Aptts, Alaknanda, ND-19

Parindey, a documentary by Sohaila Kapur (45 mins/ English)

followed by discussion with film maker and protagonists

On the sidelines...

  • a Kriti team stall of community produced eco-friendly and trendy products.
  • peace counts photo exhibits.
  • and more that may emerge with spontaneous creativity Kriti ishtyle!


Assorted Impressions brings together four young, emerging Women Choreographers, each with a bold, individual and distinctive approach to dance expression. Presenting individual choreographies, the performance is an exploration by each choreographer, in diverse dance languages within the context of contemporary performance. Exploring the choreographers’ individual journeys of introspection, self-expression, and experience of body and movement dynamics are brought to the forefront.

SORAYA FRANCO presents Yoga-Dance (Performed by Asanarte) 

Yogadance Theatre is sublimity of action, penetrating the sacred space of extra-quotidien experience which means entering in your body and space with spiritual comprehensive awareness, and produce bliss in the form of "rasa". The performance is the present moment, and the choreography is the integration of Yoga and diverse dance cultures and open to improvisation techniques.

MANVI SAHARAWAT presents “Change the Subject” (Performed by Charu Shankar)

A Contemporary Dance performance about the constant struggle and failure to change the texture, colour, hurt and impressions…of Myself to Me. Giving away to who we are and why, ‘Change the Subject’ brings in the simplicity of our daily journey to change, for what might be, and to change the forgotten past. With no dimension, no beginning or end, a mechanical repetition of events happens every moment, every hour, every few minutes… Can we ever change the subject?

SWATI MOHAN presents On the Edge (Performed by Swati Mohan and Nimit)

This Pas-de-deux/ Duet explores the boundaries and extremities to which one would go… or not go... if found ‘On the Edge’…on the edge of circumstances, emotions, relationships or simply the choices one makes.

MEHNEER SUDAN presents her debut solo, 'Untitled' (Performed by Mehneer Sudan)

Attempting to strip the dance of learnt, collective aesthetic memory and surrendering the body to an inner rhythm of impulsive and compulsive stimuli, which in turn create their own narrative.


Parindey, is the story of a woman who is serving a life term for murdering her husband. The story begins at a point when her young daughter, a minor at the time of the murder, visits her mother after 14 years to ask her why she killed her father. A film that unfolds a confrontation between the mother and the daughter; the relationship between the jailor woman and the prisoner woman, ending with a catharsis for all three women!

The film is based on the true story of a Tihar inmate who is still serving her sentence. It was filmed on location in Tihar amongst the inmates of jail no 6. It is the story of a woman’s fight for personal and creative freedom. The script and poetry is by Smita Bharti, who has worked with the women prisoners of Tihar, the screenplay by Padma Damodaran, both of whom play two major roles in the film, while the third, that of the daughter, is played by Bakul Dua. The theme song is composed by Jitender Singh Jamwal.

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