Remembering smitu kothari...

A prayer meeting will be held in memory of
Smitu Kothari
on Thursday, 26th March 2009
from 5 - 6 PM
at the Chinmaya Mission,
89 Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi
(phone: 2469 - 7848)

in memory,
all of us in movements and activism who spent time learning, being with, reading, hearing and getting support from Smitu.

for us at the kriti team, smitu was someone with whom we have shared the journey of Our Diary since its first edition and there may be perhaps just one odd edition that came out without his inputs in some way or another..we will share his writings in the diary on this blog soon.

till then we remember him as a very warm human being; an activist-intellectual; a founder of Lokayan (one of the first and only movement journals of a kind that was brought out by smitu for more than a decade); a founder of Intercultural Resources whose social movements calender (the first of its kind) this year is a must resource for anyone interested in struggle; a teacher for many students in India, South Asia and across the world; and so much more for each person who knew him; someone with writings that are archival and relevant for movement politics and actions forever.

Smitu decided to leave this earth on 23rd march 2009 suddenly with his heart failing him...we leave this blog in the universe to join his thoughts and smile....