ecoART the EcoFestival

Walk along an exhibit of Glaciers & Earthy installations as you express yourself artistically!

2nd and 3rd June 2009, 11 am – 8 pm

Hard Times
a video installation by Pradip Saha
Thousands of Delhites will be looking for their next bigger car. There will be another few thousands looking for their first cars, most likely of the smallest variety. We can expect a few more millions private cars on Delhi road in coming times. HARD TIMES presents to you what Delhites have to say about traffic jam, the strongest flavour of mobility.

Tracing Waste
by Enrico Fabian
New Delhi, Gazipur, Seemapuri and other locations in Delhi 2008/09..what happens after we throw away our plastic bottle? where does it go? Will it be recycled? Who are these people who are picking up our garbage? Images capture the story of Kabadi walas, the waste pickers who literally live with and from the waste we generate!

Birds and Trees of Delhi
by Pratibha Pande
Have you seen the trees of Delhi in spring, summer, autumn and winter as they give us oxygen to breathe in an ever-polluting environment? Have you smelt the fragrance of their fruits and flowers as you walk or drive around the city? Have you tested their unfailing medicinal value? Have you thought of what would happen if they ceased to exist? Do you watch as the birds of Delhi twitter about in search of food and water in the summer heat? Have you heard the bird calls amidst winter mornings and monsoon rains? If not these prints will definitely inspire you to look at your city’s natural heritage!

The EcoFestival by Kriti team brings together an ecoHaat; ecoArt; ecoReels; ecoTalk, ecoRhythms and even a small ecoCafe…Make Your ecofootprint at this festival!

Kriti team celebrates 10 years of creative expressions for social change!
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