ecoMovements on 2 June, 7 the EcoFestival

Prakriti…a contemporary dance performance
by the In Step Dance Company

choreographed by Gilles Chuyen
with Emily Rasmussen, Raj Kumar, Rea Krishnatraye & Gilles Chuyen

2nd June 2009, 7 pm onwards
@ The American Center
24, Kasturba Gandhi Margi, New Delhi

about the performance
The energy which flows through me as a Human being is not different from the energy flowing through a tree, through a bird, through water and the earth. When I disrespect nature, I disrespect myself. We are all part of the same grid of energy, we are all connected. Prakriti (nature) is a platform for us to rediscover nature within us, the tree, the bird, but also the elements, and also Tamas, Rajas and Sattva, Inertia, movement and Peace, connecting to the universal life force. Through the movements in dance, interspersed with music and some poetry, we can see that we have a relationship with nature and the environment, which needs to be treasured and nurtured. If we are making a contribution in destroying the environment, we need to also be part of the solution.

The performance being presented by Kriti team for the World Environment Day celebrations is based on the principle of saving the environment from threats of climate change and human-made destructive practices; while also helping us see the ‘connect’ we have with nature so that our attitudes, behaviour and actions can be sustainable and friendly for the larger benefit of our ecosystem.

about the performers
Gilles Chuyen is the choreographer of this performance. He is a dancer, actor and choreographer of French/ Vietnamese/ Spanish/ German origin. Gilles has been working in India for the last 14 years, combining Indian theatre and dance traditions with contemporary perspectives. He has major choreographic pieces and plays to his credit, which took him to Pakistan, Singapore, China, Australia, South Africa, the Seychelles, France, the U.K., Germany and South America. He is involved in finding the deeper meaning of life and healing through movement. Director of the In Step Dance Company, he runs his own dance institute in New Delhi, Studio Magenta.

Emily Rasmussen, an American citizen is one of the lead dancers in this performance. She began her classical ballet training with Maggie Banks and Cheryl Bruce at the Nevada Festival Ballet in Reno, Nevada. After training with the San Francisco, Joffrey and Pacific Northwest Ballets, Ms. Rasmussen joined the latter’s Professional Division from 1999-2001, where she performed with the company in The Nutcracker, Snow White and Don Quixote. Ms. Rasmussen went on to perform leading roles in The Nutcracker, Snow Queen, Sleeping Beauty and Pas de Quatre with various companies in Reno, Nevada, Los Angeles, California, and most recently, New Delhi, India. She has choreographed and danced in the contemporary works Rock Ballet, Ja, and Duet Contemporain, in Los Angeles, Prague, and Hong Kong, respectively, and currently teaches ballet and Pilates classes in New Delhi, India, where she also works as a freelance dance journalist.

Rea Krishnatraye’s training in dance began with jazz at the Danceworx Performing Arts academy. She then joined renowned ballet maestro Fernando Aguilera of Argentina as the lead female dancer and member of the company. Besides majoring in Classical Ballet she also mastered Jazz and other Latin styles such as salsa, Flamenco and tango. She later experimented at “Sadhya-A Unit Of Performing Arts” and trained under Sensie Rashed Ansari. Working as a freelancer, she instructs in ballet and expression through movement and Latin dances (for adults & children), as well as working on experimental dance productions with Gilles Chuyen & Varun Narain, and theater, etc. with Teamwork Films and the India Fernando Ballet Company.

Raj Kumar’s first training has been Bollywood dance in Delhi. He has been performing with various troupes till he joined Gilles Chuyen’s group. He has been working on various projects: performances in jazz, fusion and contemporary. Core member of the In Step dance Company, he teaches dance and fitness programs (Yoga-Pilates-Meditation) at Studio Magenta. He has a great ability to connect to energies and has a fantastic potential for acrobatics.

In Step is a Dance Company that aims at reconnecting with the essence of dance. Human beings have forgotten the true meaning and power of dance. Dance is far more than just form, dance is about the energy flowing into the various layers of Human life, not only physical, but also mental, emotional and more over spiritual. Dance has this tremendous potential of connecting; connecting people to their true self; connecting audiences to new vibrations. Dance is a platform to connect to energies.

about the presenting group
Kriti team is a development support group that applies creative expression to processes of social, developmental and environmental change. Kriti team has been using performing arts to connect with mainstream audiences across Delhi and NCR and parts of India for the past decade, so that they can make their contributions towards making India a human and environment friendly nation. In doing so, the Kriti team is also introducing performing arts professionals to the field of social, development, environment and human rights issues so that together we can make a better world for the present and future generations. We see these forms as being very powerful to raise consciousness, spur people to engage and act on issues that are central to their lives.

- The American Centre is at walking distance from Barakhamba Metro Station.
- Parking is available at the adjacent Parikrama building and in the outer circle of CP
- To facilitate your entry into the American Centre please carry a photo id. Mobile phones and laptops are allowed within the American Center. However, for security reasons, photography through mobile phones is prohibited.

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