Join the EcoFestival...2-3 June, 2009

Come and Join the celebrations on the eve of the World Environment Day...the festival creates under one roof over 2 days, an exciting, meaningful and interactive space for expressions, discussions, insight, learnings, actions and more...
…ecohaat, ecoart, ecomovements, ecotalk, ecoreels, ecorhythms, ecocafe…

on 2nd - 3rd June 2009, 11.00 - 8 pm
American Centre, K.G. Marg, New Delhi

Programme Schedule
Tuesday, 2nd June 2009
12.00 noon – 1.00 pm:
Opening of the EcoFestival
Ecohaat, EcoArt installations by Enrico Fabian, Pradip Saha, Pratibha Pande and others….earthern lamp lighting and planting the seed for change…

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm: EcoArt workshop 1 -
Newspaper Bags CAN BECOME Gift Bags - Learn how!
Join this workshop and you will be surprised how 'arty' and environmentally friendly you can get… make your 'ecoart print'. Faciltated by Mrinalini Chawla from the Centre for Creative Expressions and Kriti team members.

4.00 pm – 6.00 pm: EcoArt workshop 2 -
Completing the story…from waste to creation!
This workshop will provide you with materials and themes to share your creativity and thought on environment problems, solutions and actions! Facilitated by an eco heritage expert, Anjali Bharthari, Kokila Singh, friends associated with The Fuschia Tree and Kriti team members.

7 pm: Ecomovements ‘Prakriti’, a contemporary dance performance by the In Step Dance Company, choreographed by Gilles Chuyen, with Emily Rasmussen, Raj Kumar, Rea Krishnatraye, Gilles Chuyen

Wednesday, 3rd June 2009

12.00 noon – 1 pm: EcoTalk -
Slideshow and interactive session on Delhi’s Birds by Ranjit Lal

2.00 pm - 4.00 pm: EcoArt workshop 3:
Creating your own expressions with Music!
Trying to save the environment starts with truly responding to it with gratitude and sensitivity. In this workshop, we start with music and our responses to it, with paints, brushes and more! Faciltated by Mrinalini Chawla from the Centre for Creative Expressions and Kriti team members.

6.00 pm: EcoReels Premiere of ‘Kosi Katha’ by Jharna Anurag Singh

7.00 pm: EcoRhythms -
Unplugged ‘green’ music by Nikhil Mawkin, Clarence Gonsalves, Sai Bhardwaj and others

Please see other posts on this blog for details!

This is an open for all festival. Please bring a photo id to facilitate entry into the American Center. The workshops are ion for children (12+) and adults. If you can register in advance for the workshops we can keep your seat for sure but but if you can’t register earlier don’t let that stop you from coming. A certificate of participation will be given. For further details contact 9910580589/ 26027845/ 9818525384/
Mark your ecofootprint on earth this June!

Kriti team is celebrating 10 years of creative expressions for social change!
For more information, contact 26027845/ 26033088/ 2347-2289,