Peace Reels at the Fourth Annual Peace Day Festival, 22nd Sept

Join us for an evening of


organised by Kriti team

in association with Sangat

at the Fourth Peace Day Festival

:Interpretations of Peace and Conflict

7.00 pm onwards, on Tuesday, 22nd September 2009

Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre,

Lodi Road, New Delhi

The Lament of Niyamraja - a dongria kond song

by Surya Shankar Dash/ 13 min/ Kui

Shaman, healer, bard, druid, & farmer all rolled into one, Dambu Praska sings the soul stirring song of the sacred mountain of Niyamgiri in Orissa. The film captures some moments from this paradise which is yet to be lost to the attempts of Vedanta, an aluminium company wanting to undertake mining on the top of Niyamgiri.


by Subrat Kumar Sahu/ English, 73 minutes

‘Damaged’ is what they say, to describe their life today! ...The state says ‘development’!

Travel to Kalahandi (in the state of Orissa in India), historically a food-surplus district, with a large number of mega ‘development’ projects, the district continues to be the ultimate face of poverty and starvation for the world’s media.

This film picks the Upper Indrāvati Hydropower Project (built with a huge World Bank loan), in its attempts to rake in the ‘development debate’ that is conspicuously missing in public spaces today. Claiming to permanently end ‘poverty’ in Kalahandi, instead, it has uprooted almost 50000 indigenous people, mostly adivasis and dalits, who had a traditional and sustainable model of growth and rich civilizational ethos. The project has turned a ‘sustainable economy of inclusive prosperity’ into the ‘farcical sport of growth statistics’. The film exposes how such projects (and now Vedanta’s mining ventures) are, in fact, horrific tools of large-scale economic and ‘cultural genocide’...

However, as it goes, people no longer take things lying down... So, those who had originally inherited the earth and kept the natural order inviolate for millennia are now out on the streets in attempts to protect their lives, livelihoods, identities, and dignity.

Gaon Chhodab Nahin

by K P Sasi/ 8 mins/ Local language

This movement music video depicts the situation of the adivasi and dalits population and their struggle against the development projects and corporates induced displacement. They voice - Gaon Chhodab Nahi, Jungal Chhodab Nahi, Maayer Mati Chhodab Nahi, Zameen Chhodab Nahi (We will not leave village, we will not leave forests, we will not leave motherly soil, we will not leave our Lands!!). And finally Ladai Chhodab Nahi, we will not abandon our fight, our struggle! With inputs from filmmaker Meghnath, and voice of Jharkhandi singer Madhu Mansuri Hasmukh, the song is another statement on how current development politics impact Indians and how they continue their movement journies.

Invited Discussants: Subrat Kumar Sahu, Prof. Manoranjan Mohanty, Usha Ramanathan, Prafulla Samantara and Arundhati Roy

This festival is open for all! Celebrating 10 years of Kriti team’s expressions for social change!

Other programmes include:

Panel Discussion on Manufacturing Peace, 19th September, 7 pm onwards @Amaltas, IHC

Peace Theatre: About Caliban, Also about Colombo, by Loyola College, Chennai students, 22nd September, 7 pm onwards @Stein Auditorium, IHC

Peace exhibition of books, films and more

This is an independently organised festival with venue support from India Habitat Centre.

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