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its the climate for a change
for bridging caste and class hierarchies
to protect the rights to life and livelihood...

its the climate for a change
for communal harmony and peace
to claim democratic spaces...

its the climate for a change
for the right to food and security of tenure
to mark our footprints on earth...

its the climate for a change
for gender justice and freedom from violence
to make our voices heard within and across borders...

its the climate for a change
and the change begins with each one of us...

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  • poetry and prose on people's movements for rights
  • a movement map of India
  • 52 weeks of space for notes and appointments
  • a bookmark to go along
  • a detachable wall planner for the year
  • movement bookscape and filmscape
  • references
  • contacts of movement groups and resource centres
Size: 4.5" x 6"  
(Handy to use and carry along)

self-sustaining contribution:  

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by 15th December 2009
Note: With your orders we will be able to put the diary into print
as its an independent production in its 11th edition!

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Our Diary 2010
The size: 4.5” x 6.5”

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  • The total amount should include courier costs as mentioned above.
  • Please add Rs.25/- for outstation cheques.
  • Tailor made printing with organisational logo and text can be made at an additional contribution.
  • Please ask for international contribution, if required.





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KRITI: a development research, praxis & communication team
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* Also ask for our cards' catalogue of seasons greetings, 'Gestures by KRITI team!