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In the Story of the conference of the Birds by the Twelfth Century Persian Poet Attar, the Hoopoe, the Symbol of Inspiration, assembles the Birds (or Faculties) to Begin the Quest for the Fabulous Simorgh.   

Those who are attached to the Phenomenal World give Excuse for not making the journey.  The Nightingale, that Aspect of the Self, caught in the Exterior Form of Things cannot leave the Rose, the Duck cannot leave the Water, the Hawk cannot leave its prey.   

Only those Faculties, which have been awakened to the Inner Aspect of Things, and see Beyond Materiality, choose to make the Journey towards Completion.

At the End of the Quest, the Birds find that Simorgh has been with them, guiding them from Within, Throughout the Journey.

The Goal of the Quest is the self.