Kriti team



inspired by and based on Poetry by
Irom Sharmila

performed by Charu Shankar and Vidushi Talwar

Sunday, 6.15 pm, 14th February 2010

Alliance Franscaise, Lodi Road
New Delhi

during the Delhi Disarmament Conference Concert

This performance is an exploration in movement, of an unpublished poem by Irom Sharmila, gifted to the choreographer Charu Shankar, when Irom was under arrest at a hospital ward in AIIMS, New Delhi in 2006.The poem speaks of Sharmila's first experience of flying, written in the flight from Imphal to Delhi, and is a deeply introspective poem about how a woman of her strength views her own inner struggle. The dance is an ode of the deep friendship between the two women, and to the respect Charu feels for Sharmila's strong belief in peace, and the respect Sharmila feels for dance and the arts.

Charu's association with Sharmila began through her work with the Kriti team when it organised the Peace Women Across the Globe exhibition in collaboration with Sangat in 2006.

Together it is "Our Gesture in Peace'....

in the words of the choreographer...This piece is my personal salute to the courage of a woman who i admire beyond words.

open for all, confirmations would be appreciated. 011-26027845/ 26033088/ space.kriti@gmail.com

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trinity said...

i have missed the show.in future if i get the chance i would surely watch it.