Kriti Film Club screening at Lodi Road: Aarohan - A Climate Change Story, 8th March

8th March is International Women's Day and we celebrate it with the first public screening of a new documentary on women and climate change. 
Kriti Film Club invites you to be part of this celebration in collaboration with the The Hunger Project and Environmental Defense Fund

AAROHAN: A Climate Change Story (70 mins)

3 pm, March 8, 2010
India Islamic Cultural Centre (Conference room 1)
87-88, Lodhi Road, New Delhi


Kajri is a young Dalit (low caste) Sarpanch of Manihari Gram Panchayat. Dedicated and committed to her new position as a leader of her local self government (Gram Panchayat), she struggles to deal with issues of hunger, poverty and famine in her Panchayat. Things come to head when Darshan, a young unemployed Dalit male is forced to steal from the landlord’s mansion in order to feed his children. Kajri looks deep into the reasons for chronic hunger in her village and links it to the changing climatic conditions and environmental degradation. As the Sarpanch, she feels duty bound to find a solution to these problems. Help comes to Kajri from unexpected quarters.

India is primarily a rural nation and extremely vulnerable to climate change. While the rural poor are the most exposed to climate change, there is little conversation on this subject.

The Hunger Project has developed this film in partnership with Environmental Defense Fund to expand the dialogue and support education on climate change in the Indian rural sector.

Open for all. 
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