Kriti Film Club screening on Delhi's Water situation, 29th April 2010

Kriti Film Club screens once more this month at the Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi. Given the power, water and traffic situation in the city, we figured this venue will work best on all fronts for us as hosts and many of you as audience! 

We look forward to seeing you on 29th April 2010 at 7 pm for the screening of a new documentary titled 'The Groundwater Up Project', followed by an interaction by one of the film makers...

about the film: Why is a historically water-full city resorting to water tankers? If Delhiites continue to rely on sucking up water from illegal tube wells, where will they turn when the groundwater dries up in 2015? How could things be different? Are there any alternatives?
In this upbeat (and slightly off beat) documentary film you will meet Dolly, who has to be resourceful for water; Deya, who says that even posh colonies don’t get a decent supply of water in Delhi; and Maya, who is embarrassed to go fetch the water she needs for her daily life.
This film won’t solve Delhi’s “water crisis”, but it will look at current solutions such as dams and sewage treatment plants. More importantly, it will explore ideas in unexpected places and highlight people who are pursuing creative solutions.
Maybe we don’t need to wait for “experts” to give us one big solution to the water crisis.
Maybe Delhiites already have many little solutions that could spread and quench Delhi’s thirst!  
about the film makers: The film is made by Get on the Bus Productions, a film making collective made up of three friends: Tarini Manchanda, Katie Gillett, and Moriah Mason. The Groundwater Up Project is their first film together (and hopefully not the last).
Copies of the film will be available to pick up for those interested.
For further details contact us on 011-26027845/ 26033088;