May 2010: Days and Dates to Remember‏

1          World Labour Day
3          World Press Freedom Day
5           Karl Marx Birthday
17         World Telecommunication Day
25-31    Week of Solidarity With the People of All Colonial Territories Fighting For Freedom, Independence & Human  Rights
28         International Day of Action for Women’s Health
31         World No Tobacco Day  
On labour day and beyond, lets keep our spirits and dreams alive 
for social change to be a reality with each step we take! 
Plundering of labour
is not the most dangerous.
Neither is police beating
most dangerous.
The clenched fist of treachery, greed
is also not most dangerous.
Most dangerous is
Becoming full of morbid peace
Loosing rage and passion
Enduring all
Leaving home for work
And from work going back home
For the most dangerous is
Death of our dreams.  
(translated by Ghazala Jamil for Our Diary 2010, Kriti team)