5th Annual Peace Day Celebration, 21st September, 5 pm onwards

dear friends
since the year 2006, the kriti team has been marking the international day of peace on 21st sept with performing or visual arts based celebrations, discussions, films, organisational interactions and sharing resources that help redefine peace as not just the absence of war but a concept of comprehensive human security. 
some of you have been part of these events in direct and indirect ways. 
this year we want to be a little more spontaneous than we have been in the last four years...
its the 5th annual peace day celebration that we are organising independently and invite you to join us with something to share...
a performance for peace'  ... poetry, music, dance, theatre etc;
an expression for peace' ...short film, art, mixed media, installations, etc;
sharing your time and energies...
creating opportunities and spaces for friendship and peace building...
come and PARTICIPATE to connect with yourself and others for Peace to be a reality!
starts 5 pm at S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019
we'll have some chai and eats to go along...(you are welcome to bring some food too!!)
in solidarity
kriti team

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Note: For background on Peace Day please see previous post.