September: Days and Dates to Remember

Some days and dates that we remember this month...

8        International Literacy Day
21      International Peace Day
28      Shankar Guha Niyogi Martyrdom Day/ Harsud Day

This month, be inspired by the rain and clouds, the stars and the moon, the sun and the earth, by art and images, by words of wisdom and poetry, by people and positive actions that make life meaningful. This month, be yourself in peace and harmony with everything around you and make change a day to day experience!

Join solidarity actions and events around the city of Delhi this month including the 5th Annual Peace Day celebrations by Kriti team between 18-21st September (details on next posts)

Singing Across Borders
 We refuse to be enemies.
We refuse to use your words, claim your politics,
accept your versions of history.
We will wear our anger like a shroud,
we will hold our defiance like a shield,
we will carry our compassion like a sword.

We refuse to be enemies.
We refuse to believe that hate is justified,
that peace is weak, that conflict is endless.

We will sing across the borders,
we will march across the divisions,
we will fly our peace like a flag.

We refuse to be enemies.
by Anasuya Sengupta
(written in the context of Israel-Palestine, India-Pakistan)

- published in Our Diary 2010 by Kriti team