October: Days and Dates to Remember

1          International Day of Older Persons
2          Gandhi Jayanti/ International Day of Non- Violence
3          World Habitat Day
5          World Dignity Day
13         International Day for Natural Disasters Reduction
14         World Standards Day
16         World Food Day
17         International Day for Eradication of Poverty
24         United Nations Day/ World Development Day
24-30    World Disarmament Week

 Continuing the tradition of sharing some text from our 11th edition of 'Our Diary', here are some poems that we hope will take you through this month which brings in winter amidst climate change!

One man rolls bread
Another one eats it

There is a third man too
who neither rolls bread
nor eats it.
He only cavorts with bread.

Who is this third man?
I demand to know!
But the Parliament of my country is quiet!

And suddenly I found that
I am standing in front of my own questions
and I have understood the phrases
doing rounds in the name of
freedom and Gandhi.

Neither is hunger quelled by it
nor does the weather change 

People are writhing of hunger
making trees naked
eating leaves and shade,

(above poems originally written in Hindi by Dhoomil 
- translated by Ghazala Jamil in 'Our Diary 2010', Kriti team, New Delhi)

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