Movement Features in Our Diary 2011: March

Faiz Ahmed Faiz (13 February 1911- 20 November 1984)

‘Faiz’ is the name of not just a poet.
‘Faiz’ is a name of the aural experience that is at once full of sensuous beauty and excruciating reality. It is the name of the artifice that turns words into images. It is the name of the subtle sorcery that stirs extraordinary ardour in ordinary hearts. It is the name of the beacon of hope that inspires weary travellers to plod on.
‘Faiz’ is the name of voice of humanity’s yearning for freedom. It is the name of the voice raised by people so that they may fully determine their own destiny and truly realise their potential. It is the name of the voice that pierces the darkness of oppression and illuminates minds. It is the name of the voice that provokes the weak into rebellion... the voice that startles people from their slumber.
‘Faiz’ is the name of not just a poet.
 - by Ghazala Jamil for Our Diary 2011

चश्म-ए-नम, जान-ए-शोरीदा काफी नहीं
    तोहमत-ए-इश्क-ए-पोशीदा काफी नहीं
आज बाज़ार मैं पा-बजोलां चलो
    दस्त अफशां चलो, मस्त-ओ-रक्शां चलो
ख़ाक बर सर चलो, खूं बदामाँ चलो
    राह तकता  है  सब शेहरे-जानां चलो
हाकिम-ए-शहर भी, मजमा-ए-आम भी
   तीर-ए-इलज़ाम भी, संग-ए-दुश्नम भी
सुभ-ए-नाशाद भी, रोज़-ए-नाकाम भी
   उनका दम-साज़ अपने सिवा कौन है
शेहरे-जानां में अब बा-सिफ़ा कौन है
   दस्त-ए-क़ातिल के शायाँ रहा कौन है
रख्त-ए-दिल बांध लो, दिल फिगारो चलो
   फिर हमीं क़त्ल हो आएँ यारो चलो
                                                फैज़ अहमद फैज़

Teary eyes and stormy life are not enough
Even the accusation of a secret love is not enough
Come, walk today in public wearing your shackles
Hands thus adorned, walk in trance- dance
Walk with dust over head and blood on attire
Come, walk to the beloved city, everyone is waiting-
the town ruler and the common spectators;
the arrow and the stone of accusation too
along with the sorrowful morning and the day of failure.
Who will be their ally, if not us?
In the beloved city who remains unsullied?
No one worthy of the hand of executioner remains.
Behold your heartbeats, come even the broken hearted
Friends, come lets us go and be slain 
 translated by Ghazala Jamil

कृति टीम प्रस्तुति