'Radiation Stories: Koodankulam' @ Kriti Film Club

Radiation Stories..part 3

15  sep, 2012, S-35, Tara Apartments, Alaknanda

80 min | 2012 | Tamil with English Subtitles|Amudhan RP

The people's movement against the Koodankulam nuclear plant is an over 20-year-old 

story. When the mainstream media muffles the voices from the ongoing people's struggle in 

Koodankulam, Amudhan R P breaks the silence and takes us to the villages at the centre of 

the resistance. Completed just before Section 144 was enforced in the area, the film 

presents rare footage from the protests.

'Radiation Stories' is a series of films that Amudhan has been making since 2007 on nuclear 

issues. The first part is about monazite mining by Department of Atomic Energy in 

Manavalakurichi, Tamil Nadu and the second part is about various case studies of health 

hazards in and around Kalpakkam due to the nuclear power complex.

Note: The screening will be followed by a discussion with the film maker.

A bit about Amudhan:

Born in 1971, Amudhan completed MA in Development Communication from Madurai 

Kamaraj University. He has been involved in various documentary-related activities such as 

making films, writing about documentary films and filmmakers in Tamil, and organising 

film screenings, video workshops and film festivals in Tamil Nadu.

Amudhan founded Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival in 1998 and 

has been co-ordinating the festival since then every year.

About the Kriti Film Club:

This is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis

 and communication team, screening documentaries since the year 2000.

We offer an independently financed and informal space for screening documentary films on a 

whole range of social, development, human rights & environment issues. The whole idea of the 

KRITI Film Club is to place thought- provoking cinema in a discussion group that will help to 

deepen understanding on these issues amongst viewers and film-makers. We also serve as a 

borrowing & distribution space for documentary films from India and abroad.

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