August Reels @KRITI FILM CLUB - Saturdays, 10th and 31st August 2013

This month’s Kriti Film Club screenings under the overall theme of ‘deal for life and freedom’, mark Hiroshima-Nagasaki day, Burma Day and International Indigenous People’s Day, Independence Day and International Day of Disappeared Persons. Join us and the film makers for engaging evenings of viewing and discussing issues of life, freedom, democracy, citizenship and revolution.

Screenings will run on two Saturdays this month, 10th and 31st August 2013. Mark them on your calendar in advance, so you don’t miss them! The film makers will join us for the screenings!

S-35, Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019
(nearest Metro is Govindpuri)

Saturday, 10th August 2013
Amlan Dutta |117 min | 2011
Supported by Sundance DFP, Jan Vrijman Fund (IDFA); 
Co-produced with NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corp)

Malana, a remote village in the Himalayas isolated for thousands of years, has been fostering a unique model of democracy of consensus. They have also been producing some of the best quality hashish. A real life story of transition; an ancient civilization being invaded and obliterated by the modern democracy. Narrated in an epic structure, a visual essay from the edge of the world with a universal message of trust, peace and eternal unity.

Saturday, 31st August 2013
5:30 pm: RED ANT DREAM
Sanjay Kak | 120 mins | Gondi, Odiya, Punjabi with English Subtitles

This film chronicles stories of resistance from Bastar, Odisha, Punjab...and speaks about the life of revolutionary possibility in India. ‘Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist’, the revolutionary patriot had said almost a hundred years ago, and that forewarning travels into India’s present, as armed insurrection simmers in Bastar, in the troubled heart of central India. But to the east too, beleaguered adivasis from the mineral-rich hills of Odisha come forth bearing their axes, and their songs. And in the north the swelling protests by Punjabi peasants sees hope coagulate–once more–around that iconic figure of Bhagat Singh, revolutionary martyr of the anti-colonial struggle. But are revolutions even possible anymore? Or have those dreams been ground down into our nightmares? This is a chronicle of those who live the revolutionary ideal in India, a rare encounter with the invisible domain of those whose everyday is a fight for another ideal of the world.

Camera: Ranjan Palit, Setu & Sanjay Kak
Sound Design: Madhu Apsara
Music: Delhi Sultanate & Chris McGuiness
Editor: Tarun Bhartiya
Writing: Sanjay Kak & Tarun Bhartiya
Director: Sanjay Kak

About us:
The Kriti Film Club is an informal and independent educational initiative of a non-profit organization and has been screening thought-provoking documentaries for debate, action, entertainment and outreach among diverse audiences for twelve years.
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