Kriti Film Club August Screening (30th August 2014)​

The Kriti Film Club was being missed, we heard from some of you. And that means you should come for this next showing! And to those film makers who have made something we haven’t seen and shown yet, please do write in and we would be happy to show your documentary in this space.

You are invited for the screening of

(Between Border and the Fence.On Edge of a Map)

Ajay Raina/ 77 mins​/English/Hindi/Urdu

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Saturday, 30th August, 2014
5.45 pm – 8.00 pm (screening followed by discussion)

​at A -15 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019 (nearest Metro is Govindpuri)
Phone: 26027845/ 26033088

About the Film- The Film delves into the untranslatable in Kashir (Kashmir), maps the distance it has travelled emotionally and psychologically from the idea of India. After twenty years of turmoil and the consequent Indian State response, has Kashir come to a point from where there is nowhere else to go?

About the Filmmaker - After a Diploma in Cinema (Film Direction) from the Film and Television Institute of India, Ajay Raina has been making documentary films about Kashmir, where he spent his formative years. His films with PSBT, Tell Them, 'The tree they had Planted has now Grown.' won the Golden Conch at MIFF, 2002, and Wapsi won the National Award in 2005. Ajay taught Screenplay Writing at FTII and Video Production at ISBM, Pune, and was involved with training a group of semi-literate boys and girls from underprivileged slums/ communitiesof Mumbai and Ladakh in Video Production. 

About the Kriti Film Club: The film club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights &environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films.
Open for all, confirmations appreciated. You are welcome to have some chai-shai at our ecoCafe @intervals, on contribution!