Celebrating World Mental Health Day (10th October)

Kriti Film Club and PSBT bring you an online screening of
“A Drop of Sunshine” to mark the World Mental Health Day (10th October)

Film: A Drop of Sunshine: A film about Schizophrenia. And hope.
Directed by: Aparna Sanyal
Produced by: PSBT
Duration: 35 mins
Language: English
Awards: National Film Award for best Educational/Motivational/Instructional Film

About the Film
Schizophrenia. It may be one word, but conjures up multiple connotations - Mad. Incurable. Violent. Suicidal. Chemical imbalances. Crazy. A lifelong condition. Inevitable dependency on Medicines. Dark. Terrible. The Film takes us through the story of Reshma Valliappan, a 30-year old Indian woman, and charts out her journey of eventual triumph over her condition. It takes a controversial and contrarian view towards recovery from Schizophrenia, proposing that the only treatment method that can work in the condition is one where the so-called ‘patient’ is encouraged and empowered to become an equal partner in the process of healing.

Online Screening Dates: the film will be available for online viewing from 10th October to 14th October, 2014

Log in details: In order to view the film, please follow the link below:


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