Kriti team's Greetings and January 2015 newsletter

Dear Friends
Its been a real wintry and busy start to the new year here in Delhi where we are based. So accept our apologies for a delayed Happy New Year wish to each of you, your families, friends and colleagues. 

We hope that many of you will connect with us in 2015 both, physically and virtually. On our part, we will continue our resource sharing of documentaries, books, communication material on social issues and fair trade products; capacity building and documentation support; and networking activities with as much energy as we possibly can. These processes will enable us to enhance knowledge, livelihoods and enable empowered action on many fronts - towards social change.

We are also looking at many of you as individuals and organisations to make donations for and fund our work for the first time this year, and look forward to hearing from you on that count too.

If you have not already, order a copy of 'OUR DIARY 2015', an annual movement resource and day to day planner in its 16th edition.

Join us in Delhi this Friday, 16th January 2015 for a Kriti Film Club special screening @India Habitat Centre: Mleccha Sanhaara by Subrat Kumar Sahu.

Remember and mark the important days and dates of January:

1   Safdar Hashmi Memorial Day

8   Memory Day for 1857 Martyr’s

12 National Youth Day
26 Indian Republic Day

KRITI FILM CLUB specials @Habitat

Mleccha Sanhaara - India's Kalki Project

by Subrat Kumar Sahu
(125 mins/ Odia, with subtitles in English/ 2013)

on 16th January, 2014, 7:00 PM 
at Gulmohar Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

About the film: As described in Brahmanic scriptures, those who do not adhere to Vedic-Brahmanic principles are Mlechhas - the non-Aryan, impure, dirty barbarians. And, Kalki - the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu - would come and annihilate them all one day in order to cleanse the world of all impurities to establish the Vedic-Brahmanic Dharma, the Hindu Dharma! Whether Kalki has incarnated or not, Brahmanic feudal-fascist forces have already let loose the Kalki project, which the Indian State - that calls itself a 'secular democratic Republic' - openly patronizes.

In search of the contours of India's Kalki Project, especially that involves organized violence on Dalit communities, the film travels through various villages in Balangir district in Odisha, which has been one of the most prominent laboratories of such terror. Apart from the Lathor carnage that had made headlines globally, the film captures in camera many other untold atrocities on Dalits, and also their resistance. 

The Film maker and some Experts will join us for the discussion.

About the film club: An independent, educational and outreach initiative of Kriti Team (A development research, praxis and communication team) to present and promote thought provoking cinema, running since 2000.

Order 'OUR DIARY 2015'
We are pleased to share that due to the persuasion of many of you and some pre-orders, we have been able to bring out the 16th edition of 'Our Diary' this year.  Once more an independent and non-funded resource, we hope that you will order your copies and ask for more as well. 

Our Diary 2015 belongs to all of us and the people's movements and issues we engage with in India and parts of the world. Along with poetry and prose documenting people's movements for rights and expressions of solidarity with struggles across India, books, films and activist information, the diary comes with space for days and dates to mark meetings, my notes and my thoughts, a bookmark to keep track​ of the year, a month at a glance, and a detachable wall planner. Selected contacts of movement groups is also included and references to resistance materials. 

​This diary is in continuum with the people's movement journey ​that has traversed 15 long years of protest, collective energies, and continues towards hope, peace and justice, and an end to violations of basic human rights of people, places and the environment. 

The diary comes in a 4.5"x6", very handy for use and travel...a great gift too especially for young people, activists and those interested in social movement journies. Available at a contribution of Rs.170 plus postage charges for India or anywhere in the world.

In Delhi, available at our workplace A-15 Tara Apartments, New Delhi; at Intach, Lodi Estate; People Tree, Connaught Place and Anand Stationers, Khan Market. In Bangalore, available with a Kritian, call at 9972717925

For sustainable shopping options visit our Gestures Stall and Docushop @our workplace and online on Facebook
Offering clothing, home decor, jewellery, bags, wallets, organic soaps, documentaries, books and much more...made by community women, challenged persons, youth groups and activists.

Keep a look out for more interesting resources and events from all of us Kritians!

Be thoughtful, Be in action, Be sensitive and supportive

In Solidarity
Kriti team
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