Best of Dharamshala International Film Festival @Kriti Film Club Specials 6th and 8th October 2015

The Kriti Film Club is back in action after a longish break and we hope that you will join us for an exciting line up of films starting off in October 2015.

We bring you one of the Best of the Dharamshala International Film Festival in Delhi on 6th October at India Habitat Centre and 8th October 2015 at Zorba The Buddha. Hope to see you. Its also a chance to plan your trip to Dharamshala in November 2015! 

6th October 2015 

A World Not Ours 
Dir. Mahdi Fleifel 
Arabic, English/ 2012/ 93 mins

Time: 7 pm
@Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi

About the Film: An intimate, humorous, portrait of three generations of exile in the refugee camp of Ein el-Helweh, in southern Lebanon. Based on a wealth of personal recordings, family archives, and historical footage, the film is a sensitive and illuminating study of belonging, friendship, and family. Filmed over more than 20 years by multiple generations of the same family, A World Not Ours is more than just a family portrait; it is an attempt to record what is being forgotten, and mark what should not be erased from collective memory. Winner of multiple awards including FIPRESCI Prize, NETPAC Award & Black Pearl Award at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival 2012 & Peace Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival 2013 to name a few. 

About the Film maker: Mahdi Fleifel is a Palestinian filmmaker and visual artist based in London. While he was born in Dubai and mostly raised in Denmark, Mahdi has always felt that the Ain el-Helweh refugee camp in Lebanon is his home. When he would return from summer holidays spent in the camp, he found himself unable to explain what this place was like to the other children in his class — this left him with a compulsion to tell the stories of his family and friends who still live there. Over the years, he picked up his father’s obsession with recording. Through the camera, Mahdi found he could put the camp in context, and better understand the lives of those living there. To film is to secure his identity, and the memory of where he comes from. He graduated from the British National Film and Television School in 2009. ‘A World Not Ours’ is his debut feature film. Mahdi will be developing his second feature at the Cannes’ Cinefondation residence starting in March 2013.

8th October 2015

dir. León Siminiani
2012, Spain, 85 mins

Time: 6:30 pm
@Zorba The Buddha, 7 Tropical Drive, Ghitorni, New Delhi

About the Film: A young Spanish director gets fired from his job at a broadcaster. Recovering his dream to make movies, he travels to India in “search” of his first feature film, only to discover that his real search isn’t in India but back home. Back in Madrid, however, things don’t exactly work out as expected. Exploring the line between documentary and fiction, Mapa is a road movie told in the first person about a young filmmaker who travels to India in search of a new “map” for love and life.

About the Film maker: León Siminiani majored in Spanish Literature and Film Direction at Columbia University, New York. Passionate about the possibilities of the audiovisual, he investigated different formats and genres. Some of his most notable fiction film works include Dos Más, Archipiélago, Ludoterapia. In addition, Siminiani has explored hybrid formats with pieces such as Zoom (2005) and the series Límites (2009). He recently released a short film titled El Premio, which was nominated for the 2012 Goya Awards for Best Fiction Short film. Produced by Avalon P.C., Pantalla Partida and himself, Mapa is his first feature film in which he continues investigating the fertile border between fiction and non-fiction.

About the Film Club: Kriti Film Club is an educational and research oriented initiative of Kriti: a development research, praxis and communication team. We offer an independent and informal space for screening documentary films on a whole range of development, human rights & environment issues. We also serve as a borrowing & access space for documentary films. 

@DIFFINDIA: This screening is in association with the Dharamshala International Film Festival. From 5-8 November 2015, India’s quirkiest, coolest and most eclectic film festival will once again descend on the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic town of McLeod Ganj in Dharamshala. DIFF 2015 will showcase a careful selection of features, documentaries, shorts and animation films, representing the best in contemporary independent cinema.

The Partnership: 

The Kriti Film Club says "We are thrilled to be partnering with DIFF and hope to see you at both the film screenings in Delhi and in Dharamshala for DIFF 2015. We believe that films such as those curated by DIFF are thought provoking, entertaining and bring together the many perspectives and experiences that the world encounters socially and politically. As an independent space, we believe in the power of networking and supporting the outreach of such films and also hope to make many new friends in the process whom we can continue partnering with. We'll be at Dharamshala this year during the festival and hope to see you there!"

DIFF says " Partnersing with spaces like the Kriti Film Club which have the same vision and goals as the festival is of huge importance to DIFF. We feel that cinema and art have the potential to be a force for good; the ability to transform perceptions and foster understanding; and the power to reach deep into the cauldrom of human experience and offer insights in a language understood by all. We hope that such partnerships also help us both increase visibility and reputation as well as build interest in coming to Dharamshala during the 2015 film festival. The target audience are cinema buff, who would be interested in the kind of films we programme at DIFF and thus it is relevant to partner with spaces such as the Kriti Film Club." 

Big thank you to IHC and Zorba The Buddha for supporting these events.

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