Save paper, Save trees, Save yourself...Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Paper resources

Save paper, Save trees, Save yourself…
Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Paper resources
- a KRITI team initiative©

since 1999

Some FACTS on paper
Whatever the amount of paper that you use, requires more than twice as much its weight in wood to produce it.
The first paper was made by Tsai Lun, an official in the court of a Chinese emperor in 105 A.D. He beat up old fishing nets, rags, and ropes in running water, spread the pulp on the screen of fine bamboo strips and dried it in the sun.
Paper reached India around the 12th century.
Recycling waste paper is different from recycling cloth, as the latter is not environmentally friendly even though the results are more durable and attractive. Cloth can be recycled in a variety of ways but paper can only be recycled as paper or packages.
What we DO for ourselves and for you:
We at the KRITI team have made paper reuse and recycling a part of our work ethic for the past 16 years and involved over a 200 individuals and organizations in this process. Infact, we have a record of asking our friends for waste paper since we reuse all of the paper generated in-house. We want to share our ideas and efforts with other individuals and organisations, to create truly eco-friendly workplaces and homes, to save the environment and financial resources both.
From the point of waste paper generation to storage and disposal, we assist you in following some simple steps for waste paper management and even offer you eco-friendly disposal, storage and disposal materials at a contribution. We offer to ‘barter waste paper’ for recycled handmade paper stationary products.

To start with, we can conduct a ‘waste paper rethink, reduce and reuse’ workshop with your staff, to create an eco-friendly workplace, if you so like, or assist you in other ways. So, if you’d like to set in motion the ‘save paper’ programme at your workplace or home, write to us.

We also welcome you to share your own ideas with us so that together we can set up a creative, self-disciplined and sustainable way of work and life together. Imagine not having to spend money on buying paper stationary, instead creating your own and that too from waste!

One save paper tip as we sign off…
Reuse every envelope that comes in the post with your bank and/ or credit card statement!