Dilwali Sale (15-31 December 2016)

Dear Friends
Many of you know that we have been distributing documentary films, books and community made products for over 15 years now. These initiatives began in the spirit of sharing information on relevant issues and supporting livelihoods of community producers.

We invite you to support these initiatives as they need your your purchases and your support in a world where everything seems to be investment driven..which we don't have. The income generated from these sales mainly goes to the film makers, publishers and producers and the limited margins used to cover some travel and administrative costs of our small team.

We invite you to co-own, co-market and co-share these initiatives which we call Gestures and Docushop. You are invited to come to our workplace in Alaknanda, New Delhi or visit us online on www.gestures.in

Look forward to some 'dilwali' shopping from you and all shoppers will receive some surprise gifts 'dil khol ke' from us!

Kriti team