Kriti team Vignettes April 2018

April 2018 began with some spring cleaning literally and figuratively speaking at the Kriti team. Some throwbacks into the past, some old and new friendships revived and beginning...the last of Our Diary 2018 went off our racks for a repeat order. Some new documentaries came into the distribution platform - Docushop. The gestures portal started to get updated and we hope you will stop by to browse and shop!
Some new and enthusiastic volunteers started to play host to Kriti Film Club screenings and we hope the breed will only grow.  The screening of Shilpi Gulati's film TaalateKunjee was premiered by the Kriti Film Club and had a full house with a rich discussion and experience sharing among the audience and film maker. Repeat screenings have been requested. We heard good news of one of the films we premiered in February 2018 winning the Best Educational Film at the National Awards-The Little Girls we were...the Women we are by Rahi Foundation. We collaborated with Azim Premji University in Bangalore to host the screening of 'A Thin Wall', a documentary we are bringing to Delhi in May 2018.
On the programmes front, we are gearing up to do capacity building workshops on gender, human rights and sustainable development and reaching out to those who may gain from our expertise.
As part of our educational programmes with the youth, we celebrated earth day earlier in the month with a group of 100 students and their faculty walking amidst the Aravalli range, as part of their class on Earth Systems. Walking through Buddha Jayanti Park and understanding weathering of rocks and soil erosion, it was a fun day with lots of learnings. We were joined by members of the BNHS team from the ABWLS, who made the walk and the talk that followed very interesting for all participants.
May and June are looking exciting and we hope to connect with many of you at our various events or online!
Until then, here are some days and dates to remember for April to mark your solidarities and make your meaningful footprints...

7 World Health Day
12 National Street Theatre Day
14 Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti
18 World Heritage Day
22 World Earth Day
26 Chernobyl Disaster Anniversary
28 World Day for Safety and Health at Work