about us

The term ‘Kriti’ is a Hindi word that means ‘creation’. As a development research, praxis & communication team, KRITI aims at providing a creative expression to development thought & action. Our logo symbolises the branches of learning that grow every day, creating spaces for networking ideas & sharing a vision for collective being, seeing & doing.

Registered as a Public Trust in New Delhi, we are an independent, self-sustaining team of development activists & professionals who started working together in 1999. Through a cross-cutting analysis of class, caste, gender, religion & region in our work, we aim to make development theory & practice, holistic, people-oriented & accountable.

As a development support team we provide a range of information and capacity building services to a wide constituency — from people’s movements to international agencies; trade unions to women’s groups; government to social development organisations, media persons to individual activists, &, academicians to students.

Our professional knowledge and skills can be tapped for research and documentation; rapporteuring and communication; design and printing; media advocacy; evaluation and assessments of development intervention programmes. We offer these services across a multiplicity of issues including violence, health, labour, education and environment, women's and children's rights, disability and human rights. These services are aimed at enhancing interventions by voluntary and civil society organisations with the marginalized in India & across the world.

Kriti Film Club, a space for watching and accessing documentary films as educational and consciousness raising resources.

Kriti Information Place, a space to access and use information/ communication resources on development and human rights.

Our Diary and Movement Features, a documentation of people’s movements against the denial of, and for the promotion of human rights.

Rightscape, for perspective building, human rights activism & development action, among the student community.

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Paper, an initiative for recycling waste paper to “Save Paper, Save Trees & Save Yourself”.

Gestures stall and Docushop, that stocks and shares a range of community made garments, eco-friendly products as well as stationary, books, documentary films and music.

EcoCafe, a healthy, friendly and tasty place with foods and drink for the body, heart and soul!

Contact us @ S-35 Tara Apartments, Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019

+ 91-11-2603 3088/ 2602 7845