Child Birth Film Festival: 29-30 April 2008

Kriti Film Club
invites you for a

CHILD BIRTH FILM FESTIVAL - showcasing films from India, Mexico, USA and Brazil

on 29-30th April, 6.45-9.30 pm
at Amaltas (Basement Theatre),
India Habitat Centre, Lodi Road, New Delhi
(venue support by IHC)


29 April 2008 Tuesday, 6.45-9.30 pm

Birth in the Squatting Position
produced by Polymorph Films in association with MoysA(C)s and Claudio Paciornik, 1979 (10 mins, Brazil)
Filmed in Brazil more than two decades ago, this extraordinary video shows a string of entirely hands-off natural birth . In all of the births shown, the baby is allowed to make its way out of the birth canal untouched, to land softly on a blanket placed beneath the squatting mother. The few times we do see a pair of gloved hands appear onscreen, they are there only to reach out to catch the baby's head, after the baby's body has flopped toward the nest of fabric below.

The Business of Being Born
by Abby Epstein (83 mins, USA)

Birth is a miracle, a rite of passage, a natural part of life. But birth is also big business. Compelled to explore the subject after the delivery of her first child, actress Ricki Lake recruits this filmmaker to question the wayAmerican women have babies. The film maker gains access to several pregnant
New York City women as they weigh their options. A must-see movie for anyone even thinking about having a baby.

30 April 2008, Wednesday, 6.45-9 pm

Birth Day by Naoli Vinaver (10 mins, Mexico)
This movie shows the birth of the film makers' third daughter's home waterbirth, lived and narrated as a family-centered event.

Born at Home
by Sameera Jain (60 mins, India)
The film observes indigenous birth practices and practitioners in parts of India (rural Rajasthan, Bihar, and the urban working class areaof Jahangirpuri in Delhi). Poised between social reality and the eternal mystery of childbearing, the film poses a critical question. When dais ormidwives are known to handle about 50% of births in India, why does the state not recognise the inherited and low-cost skills of the almost onemillion traditional practitioners in the country? Natural birth clinics and home births are increasing in numbers in the west, but our brand of progresscontinues to undermine our vast and centuries-old knowledge base.

All films are in English or have English subtitles!
These films are graphic in nature! Not open for those below 18 years of age!
Free entry! It would be great if you can confirm so we have arrangements to seat everyone!

about the partners
The Kriti Film Club
organises screenings of documentary & mainstream films, on a whole range of issues connected with development, human rights & social attitudes/ trends atleast once a month. We also serve as a borrowing & buying space for documentary films. Consistently screening films since 1999 in New Delhi, non-funded and surviving on our audiences' and film makers' contribution into our 'gullak' (collection box)!

MATRIKA (Motherhood and Traditional Resources, Information, Knowledge and Action) is an NGO dedicated to the linking of indigenous skills, attitudes, diagnostics and therapeutics with modern allopathic medicine—both in theory and in practice. Dais still handle the majority of childbirths on the Indian subcontinent. Linkages with indigenous body knowledge and practitioners are vital if Safe Motherhood and Reproductive Child Health Programs are to meet their goals of reduction of maternal-child mortality and morbidity. We also advocate for non-invasive, caring and woman-centered maternity care within institutional settings.

The Delhi Birth Network is a group of professionals and concerned citizens in Delhi whose purpose is to raise awareness of andpromote safe and supported birth and evidence-based care, from pregnancy through postpartum. We aim to provide information and education to women and their families that enhance the understanding of birth as a normal life process and enable them to make informed decisions. Through education and advocacy, we seek to provide training to practitioners that will encourage this quality of care.

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*There will also be a display of documentary films, music, publications and organic products at the Gestures stall by Kriti team at the venue! *Also check out the Matrika and Delhi Birth Network table for material and links related to preganancy and birth!