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May Greetings from the Kriti team! We'd like to mark the following days on your calender this May 2008 and share some related book and documentary film titles available with us at the Kriti DOCUSHOP. For other titles do visit or write to us!

1 World Labour Day

3 World Press Freedom Day

17 World Telecommunication Day

25-31 Week of Solidarity With the People of All Colonial Territories Fighting For Freedom, Independence & Human Rights

28 International Day of Action for Women’s Health

31 World No Tobacco Day


Shoot the Singer! Music Censorship Today

By Marie Korpe/ Zed Books, New York/ 2004

Contribution: Rs.680.00

Banning music strangles the very soul of a culture. Shoot the Singer! Surveys contemporary cases of music censorship worldwide for the first time. It also examines the causes, methods and logic behind contemporary attempts to prevent people from hearing certain kinds of music by governments, commercial corporations and religious authorities Freemuse, the compilers of this worldwide survey, is the only organization dedicated to uncovering present day cases of music censorship affecting both performers and composers - and to developing a global network in support of them. In this volume, cases come from a surprisingly wide range of countries, including Israel, Turkey, North Korea, Mexico, France, South Africa, Afghanistan, Burma, Cuba and the United States.

Who Owns the Media?

Edited by Pradip N Thomas and Zaharom Nain/ Zed Books, Malaysia/2004

Contribution: Rs. 680.00

The US model of media control and policy making - corrupt and dominated by powerful special interests - is being rapidly exported across the world. Some countries are attempting to preserve their own cultural production, and there are moves to try to keep culture out of the control of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Many books on the political economy of communications have either focused on general tendencies internationally, or have focused on the links between markets and media freedom in specific countries and regions. The uniqueness of this book lies in its focus on both local and international forces. While critiquing international capital, it also acknowledges the bargains that are struck between the local operators and transnationals. The contributors demonstrate the misfit between media ownership and public accountability and look ahead for ways to enable citizens around the world become effective participants in media policy making.

Dancing to Global Capital Media in India

By Pranjali Bandhu/ Vikas Adhyayan Kendra, Mumbai/ 2001


Globalisation in India is running roughshod over the Indian economy, mortgaging it to imperial robbers. The media and communication system are being used to further this neocolonial shacking. This book presents some aspects of how the sphere of information technology, internet, telecommunications, television, cinema, the newspaper and publishing industries are being affected in their economic structures and content by the globalization process.

Refugees and the Law

Edited by Ragini Trakroo Zutshi

HRLN (Human Rights Law Network), New Delhi

A book that focuses on the foundations and framework of international refugee law, and analyses in some details the domestic legal framework available to bring this special group within its ambit.

Contribution: Rs. 700.00

Restructuring Health Services

Edited by Kasturi Sen/ Zed Books, UK & New York/ 2003

Contribution: Rs. 680.00

Health service delivery is being restructured in both industrialized and developed countries. Public health scholars and policy maker show in this book how this process is accelerating as a result of diverse factors including fiscal pressure, privatization of infrastructure and the impending renegotiation of the WTO GATS. This book reviews the rapidly changing context in which financing health care and its relationship to globalization and privatization are taking place. It examines the specific mechanisms and institutional processes involved.

Documentary Films

Unheard Voices

By Jan Madhyam productions/ 27 mins/ VCD & DVD/ English

The film is a portrayal of the anger, anguish and despair of the urban poor and the insensitivity of the system which fails to respond to their needs and aspirations. Until the winter of 1995, Mussoorie was the last city in the country, barring Calcutta, in which the 180-year old inhuman system of slavery symbolised by hand-pulled rickshaws survived, taking a tragic toll of the dignity, health and life expectancy of those condemned to this form of livelihood. A few months after completion of the film, it was brought to an end by the rickshaw pullers with the assistance of the Lal Bahudur Shastri National Academy of Administration.


VCD: Students – Rs. 300.00 Individuals – Rs. 350.00 Organisations – Rs.750.00

DVD: Individuals – Rs. 500.00 Organisations – Rs. 1000.00

Land – The Livelihood

By Joseph Bernard/ 32 mins/ DVD/ English

This film showcases how land, including panchmi and bhoodan land, is still being grabbed from the Dalits by upper class/caste people. It also explored the problems related to the Government’s acquisition of land. The draconian Land Acquisition Act of 1984 has been misused time and again causing great misery to the poor Dalit farmers. Other issues this film talks about are those of the highly controversial SEZ act 2007, land privatization, land acquisition and people’s resistance to defent the livelihood as their fundamental right.

Contribution: Rs. 500.00


By Rajesh Kaul/ 38 mins/ DVD/ English

The Himalayan Mountains in Jammu & Kashmir, the northern most state of India, are home to 'Bakkarwals', the shepherds. They are the pastoral nomads of Jammu and Kashmir, who might be traced back to the foreign tribes that entered ancient India, from the northwest. This film focuses on those Bakkarwals, who are still continuing with their ancient profession. They breed, nurture, tend, and sell their goat and the sheep

Contribution: Rs. 150.00

Right to information

By Anurag Singh/Jan Madhyam production/ 33 mins/ VCD/ English

A film on corruption and leakage's in rural in rural development and their control.

Contribution: Individuals – Rs. 350.00 Organisations – Rs. 750.00

Bullets and Butterflies

By Sushmit Ghosh/ 42 mins/ DVD/ English

An odd couple on a bike set out on an unplanned journey, spanning a distance of 1500 kilometres over 7 days; moving through plains, hills and into the mountains; marked by narrow escapes, introspective conversations, breathtaking sights and an uncanny contrast of people.

Contribution: Rs. 350.00

Nowhere To Run - Plight of Burmese Refugees in Mizoram

Human Rights Law Network/ 21.05 mins/ VCD/ English

A film about Burmese refugees in Mizoram, with voices of despair and hope.

Contribution: Rs. 250.00

Manipur in the shadow of AFSPA

Ajay Bhardwaj / HRLN/ 52 mins/ VCD/ English

Manipur in the shadow of AFSPA is a documentary about the routine violence prperpetrated by the army in the North East. Particularly in Manipur in the name of national security. Highlights the anguish of Manipuri people, the documentary puts the enactment and misuse of AFSPA in a historical perspective and the extreme resentment by the Manipuri people and civil society group over the last five decades.

Contribution: Rs. 300.00

The Face

By Amar Kanwar/ 9 mins/ DVD/ English

In this film, you see a unique image of the most brutal dictator in the world - General Than Shwe of the Burmese Military. The Face also remembers Win Ma Oo and Thet Win Aung, and the sacrifices of the students of Burma in their movement for freedom. The film is a tribute to the democracy movement in Burma and a criticism of India's support to the Burmese military

Contribution: Rs. 200.00

Ek Alag Mausam

By K. P. Sasi/ 120 mins/ Hindi

This is a feature film on the human rights violations of HIV/AIDS survivors. It argues very strongly to recognise HIV/AIDS survivors as human beings. While the story revolves around a human rights theme, it is also a visual material for HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.

Contribution: Individuals – Rs. 250.00 Organisations – Rs. 500.00

Grassroot realities

By Dr. Parvez Imam/ 23 mins/ VCD & DVD/ English

The story of some semi & illiterate women in far flung, rural areas of India, who stood up for the health of their communities defying all odds.


VCD - Individuals – Rs. 300.00 Organisations – Rs. 500.00

DVD - Individuals –Rs. 500. 00 Organisations – Rs. 1000.00

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