Join us a film festival 'Breaking Stereotypes', by YP Foundation, 1-2 November, New Delhi

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Programme Schedule
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November 1st 2008, 7.00pm onwards
The Double
/ Surjo Deb, 7:10 pm, A Kafkaesque rendition of grappling with one’s multifaceted identity.

Fair Weather / Keku Writer, 7:25 pm, To gaze at people on the streets through your car window is often done, but how much would it take to connect with them?

Sharing The Virus / Gaurav, 7:35 pm, In an urban ‘progressive’ world riddled with
Kodesia, Pattie Gonsalves prejudices and stigmas, a glimpse into the socio-cultural, political and economic realities of being HIV+.

Peacock / Vishesh Mankal, 7:55 pm, 7 students are interviewed about their classmate, Mayur. What is an identity? Who owns it? Do we see ourselves through our eyes or through how others define us?

Crimson / Rohit K Dasgupta, Monidipa Mondal, 8:25 pm, A poet’s interpretation of an adolescent girl’s mind in the abstract and alternative, tracing conflicted emotions of love that transcend gender norms.

My “Funky” Date/ Irengbam Debashish Singh , 8:35 pm, My ‘Funky’ Date is a satire on the labels linked with being a North East Indian.

Vishwaas Ki Goonj/ Basant P. Tolani, 8:50 pm, Do people have the ability to uphold the principles Faith of all religions? We question our stereotypes about religion.

Fable / Nitin Das, 9:00 pm, Near Tibet, there is a young boy who finds the solution to Global Warming from a monk in the mountains. “The seed is planted in our minds”.

A Body That Will Speak/ Pawas Bisht, Sukanya Sen , 9:10 pm, A film about not being perfect, about the never ending attempts to make the body "speak for the self in a meaningful and powerful way".

November 2nd 2008, 7.00pm onwards

No Bed-Space for long lines/ Sreedeep, 7:05 min, Through a series of several hundred still photographs, the film explores a woman’s indulgence in a monologue revealing glimpses of relationships through time.

Through the Looking Glass/ Sheetal Gokhale, B.Prasad, 7:25 pm, A boy’s experimentation with his sister’s attire. Questioning gender identities that society enforces upon people and the protagonists' subsequent reaction.

Advia / Rashmi Ravindran, 7:35 pm, A diplomat and his wife posted in Afghanistan have an encounter with a stranger while driving to a party one night. How do our prejudices affect us?

PANEL DISCUSSION, 7:45 pm, Featuring Environmentalists, Filmmakers, Artists and You; a discussion on gender, identity, sexuality, ethnicity, social taboos, stigmas and typecasting the arts.

“Fake” / Abhishek Chandra, Neha Bhatnagar, Ayushi Sinha, Aakriti Sakhuja, Aparajita Tomar, 8:50 pm, Drugs provide insatiable happiness, an ecstatic life condition, flies one away from the melancholia around. Or do they?

30 Minutes / Shiladitya Moulik, 9:00 pm, Two tortured young people, different in religious beliefs but victimized by the same 'process-led society', explore the similarities of being soldiers that belong to different Gods.

Rejoice/ Rohit Dhuliya, 9:20 pm, The justifications, musings, dictates and interpretations that people assume, when they hear the words, ‘in the name of Allah’. This film comprehends perspectives by presenting the month of Ramadan.

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