Celebrate Children's Day once more at the Kriti Film Club, 15 Nov.08

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87 minutes/ Hindi with English sub-titles
at the Kriti FILMCLUB
Saturday, 15th November at 4.00 pm
at the Kriti workplace
S-35 Tara Aptts, Alaknanda
New Delhi 110019

Directed by Vinod Ganatra this is the first Indian children’s feature film made in beautiful locations of Ladakh at the highest altitude from 11,500ft to 17,800ft. Produced by the Children’s Film Society, LUKKA-CHHUPPI, a thriller takes place entirely in Ladakh. The film is about a small boy, who is kidnapped and of two slightly elder boys who take upon themselves to save him. The twists and turns from here on manage to keep the audience on the edge of the seat throughout its duration and the film ends in a grand climax in the middle of the magnificent Hamis Festival and Matho Monastery of Ladakh.

The film is based on a story by Deepak Dalal, Screenplay by Rajiv Agarwal, Dialogues by Ravinder Rawal and Music by Paresh - Ajay

KRITI FILM CLUB, based in New Delhi is an effort at placing thought-provoking cinema in a discussion group to enable debate, analysis and opinion making on social and development issues and human rights. Screening documentary films every month at our workplace in Alaknanda since the year 2000, the film club serves as a borrowing and buying space for such films from across the country. The film club is an independent initiative of KRITI: a development research, praxis and communication team and runs on contributions of filmmakers and our audience.
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